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Question from William:

I have entries where a male and female produced a son. The couple never considered themselves to be "wife" and "husband" and would not want to be displayed that way, even in private reports for their own records. Is there a way to specify non-traditional pairing terms in any or all "views" and reports?

Answer from Legacy Family Tree:

Yes, Legacy has custom wording options to accommodate these situations. From the Family View, open the Marriage Information screen by clicking on the marriage bar in the middle.

In the upper part of the screen is a Tab entitled "Wording Options." If this couple was not husband and wife, simply change their labels here. For example, instead of husband/wife, change it to father/mother. When you're finished, click Save.

This customized wording applies only to this couple. When you print reports, such as the Family Group Record, select the option to "Use the phrases from the marriage records." This option is found on Family tab of the reports.




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This was a most useful tip - there are so many ways this programmed can be tweaked, and not all are obvious.

Many thanks for answering a long unasked question


Family trees are about blood. Other relationships will have curiosity value only for future generations.

I have this situation in my family and am glad to know of this.


I prefer to use the "Notes" field to explain and describe the situation. By the way, this is the only (but very important) negative point in the software, it does not give enough freedom for the reports. I mean, would be very powerfull to have the possibility to use text editors linked to the Legacy program fields.
My best regards,
Marcio Fernandes

Family trees may be about blood, but a child born to an unmarried couple is blood, and he/she will want to know his/her parents and this is a great way to do it. I knew to change it on the family screen but hadn't thought about the report yet. Thanks for the tip.

Finally got around to reading this - thanks for this info! I've 2nd cousins who are actually 1st cousins due to an extra-marital affair - something that definitely should not be recorded as husband/wife, and kind of delicate to document!

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