How to find ancestors who have missing information
1911 England/Wales census - an early release!

New Genealogy Blog - JLog

Blogs are the hottest new thing in genealogy. They serve as a way of learning about genealogy, technology, and communicating research results with family. Legacy News is a blog (short for web-log).

One of our Legacy users, JL Beeken, has a new blog which focuses on genealogy technology.  Recent articles include:

RSS (if you don't know what this stands for, it's a great explanation)

EverNote (a free note-taking and note-organizing program)

PDF Printing (ideas on sharing genealogy electronically)

Since JL uses Legacy, many examples are given on how to incorporate technology with our software.

If you like technology and genealogy, JLog is definitely one to add to your RSS reader or favorites list. Visit JLog here.


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