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New Year's Resolution - Learn Genealogy and Legacy

Cd2ndsetforweb_1 Many researchers jump right into the vast world of genealogy, but do not learn some of the fundamental pieces of the foundation.  A large part of any genealogist's foundation, is their genealogy computer program (Legacy Family Tree).  Knowing how to effectively use it, from the beginning, will ensure a solid foundation.

To help you "do it right the first time", we have created a series of training videos on CD. The goal of videos is two-fold.  First, you will learn how to use the Legacy genealogy software.  Second, and perhaps most importantly, you will learn various techniques that combine genealogy principles with your data entry.  In other words, these CDs will be full of real examples that you can apply to your own research problems.  For this reason, a CD which is produced at the beginner's level, will actually benefit users of all expertise.  These CDs are also designed to build on each other.  What you learn in the first CD will help you better understand the following CDs.  If viewed, and practiced in order, you will be able to spend less time trying to learn how to use the computer, and more time doing what you love - genealogy!

Volume 1 | 5-CD set | $32.95 | 3 1/2 hours

Legacy for Beginners. This video walks the beginning Legacy user through the basics of the program. View it free here. 48 minutes. Watch a preview. Purchase.

Your 12-Step Checklist to Using Legacy. Every Legacy user should follow these 12 steps when working with their family file. 48 minutes. Watch a preview. Purchase.

Legacy's Ultimate Guide to Sources. Genealogy without documentation is mythology. Learn all about proper source documentation. 34 minutes. Watch a preview. Purchase.

Researching with Legacy: Mastering Events and Chronologies. Learn how to properly enter and cite the documents you find. Watch a preview. Purchase.

Tagging and Searching Made Easy. Learn how to take advantage of the searching and tagging features in Legacy. Watch a preview. Purchase.

Volume 2 | 3-CD set | $24.95 | 2 1/2 hours

Creating & Sharing Perfect Reports. Become an expert in creating and sharing reports. 58 minutes. Watch a preview. Purchase.

Insider's Guide to Legacy: Tips & Tricks. Get the "insider information" about Legacy. 40 minutes. Watch a preview. Purchase.

Video Guide to Working with Digital Pictures in Legacy. Learn the "before-scanning-your-first-picture rules" and the ins/outs to using pictures in Legacy. 52 minutes. Watch a preview. Purchase.


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