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How to print multiple relationships

My wife is also my 13th cousin.

In the late 1500s we share a common ancestor, Stephen HOPKINS. We've always known about our closest relationship of "husband-wife" but it wasn't until after we were married that we discovered that we were related by blood.

We did not discover this on our own - Legacy Family Tree found the relationship for us. Legacy will calculate the relationship of everyone in your family file in relation to you. To do this, follow these simple steps:

  1. In the Family View, navigate to yourself, or the person to whom you want to calculate all the relationships.
  2. Click on the Tools menu, then click Set Relationships.
  3. Click on the Set Relationships button.

Pretty quickly, Legacy calculates all the relationships. The actual relationship appears above the husband/wife in the Family View.

Relationship Report

Legacy will create a few different types of relationship reports:

  1. Relationship Report: Reports icon > Books/Other tab > Relationships button.
  2. Custom relationship report - click here.
  3. Relationship Chart: Tools > Relationship Calculator - select the two individuals and click Print.

The third report (described above) allows you to print multiple relationships in the same report. After clicking on the Print button, select the option to Print all the relationships. This will create separate charts, showing the descent from the common ancestor. These charts can include pictures and other customizable options.

Learn more

For more on relationships, read How is my Father's Brother's Son's Daughter Related to Me?

Gift Ideas: Legacy's Chart Printing Service

The holidays are just around the corner, and for genealogists there's no better time to share your work. Last year I ordered a "bowtie" wall chart - my ancestry on the right, my wife's ancestry on the left. It hangs in my office, just above my microfilm reader. Not only is it a nice reminder of the hard work I've put into researching my family, but it is a good conversational piece for family and friends.

Legacy's wall chart printing service offers dozens of styles of wall charts. All you need to do is select the chart, then upload your GEDCOM or Legacy file.

Click here to view the charts.

New - The Digital Family History Guidebook - the Ultimate "How to Do" Guide

Guidebook If you use digital media (digital pictures, cameras, movies, GPS, scrapbooking), you need the new book, The Digital Family History Guidebook: the Ultimate "How to Do" Guide.

It includes nine chapters and over 200 pages of helpful information:

  • Where to Begin? Easy ways to begin or reorganize.
  • Easier Scanning – Do it right the first time.
  • Mixed Media Collections & Organization.
  • Using Sound, Narration and Creating Oral Histories.
  • Digital Cameras – Feature guides and more,
  • Converting Old Home Movies – dos and don’ts.
  • GPS - Why you need it and how to use it.
  • Digital Heritage Scrapbooking - Something new and different.
  • Interactive Storytelling - Ways to add new life to your old stories.
  • Preserving & Archiving - What you need to know.
  • Creating a Bound History - Samples, formatting and more.
  • Understanding Your Computer - Why a laptop should be in your future.

Step-By-Step Instructions for the Beginners or Experienced Family Historian

How to avoid many costly mistakes and get started quickly and easily. Numerous screen captures and tips make it easier for you to accomplish many kinds of family history projects. Learn some new tricks and keep up to date with all the latest advances by accessing the registered user's site.

Marlo’s Mine Field Warnings

Do you feel like you are walking through a mine field every time you start a new family history project? Have you ever said "If I could do it over again I wouldn't make that mistake!"  "There must be an easier way!"  "I'll never do that again!” Each page contains timesaving tips and warnings about what to avoid BEFORE you make a mistake. These little warnings are called "Marlo's Mine Fields" and are included throughout the Guidebook.

What Guidebook Users are Saying

"When the Guidebook came out I was really excited because it actually teaches step by step what to do and what not to do in preserving photos, sound bites, videos etc. It is so simply written with graphic aids, how can anyone go wrong! It is the best teaching tool I have found to help even the most computer challenged individual to have success. It’s worth its weight in gold!" Sondra Buckwalter

"The guidebook is a very useful resource. We were overwhelmed with knowing what accessories we needed to have to get ourselves started, but we used the guidebook through that whole process and are very pleased with the outcome. We can't say thank you enough. We absolutely love it!" Seth and Jessica Blatter


For more information, or to order, click here.

The Guidebook is FREE when you purchase ProMedia Manager Suite.

Legacy update now available - 6 December 2006, Version

Legacy 6.0 Deluxe Edition Users

If you have Legacy 6.0 Deluxe Edition, connect to the Internet, then start Legacy and click on the "Install and Download Now" on the Legacy Home tab. (If you're reading this from within the Legacy Home tab, you'll first need to click on the Home button in the top left which looks like the following picture:)

Legacy 6.0 Standard Edition Users

Standard Edition users are required to visit our web site in order to download the new update.


  • Pedigree View - there is a new right-click option to hide the Spouse/Child and Information lists.
  • Pedigree View - Mary Hill ancestors colors now show in each name box (if the option is turned on.)
  • New Timelines
    • Canada - Census
    • England - British Prime Ministers from 1721, contributed by Ron Ferguson
    • England - Census
    • England - General History from 1800
    • Scotland - Census
    • U.S. - Census
    • French language - La chronologie acadienne (this is a duplicate of the existing Acadian timeline, but translated into French)
    • Québec - Régime français (1524-1760)


  • Ancestor Colors - when the user users the option to Apply Ancestor Colors, the display of the colors is automatically turned on.


For a list of fixes click here.

A new approach for newspaper research

If you have an old obituary that has been cut out of the newspaper, and the date and title of the newspaper no longer accompany it, you may have felt a sense of frustration. The line that reads "...he died last Thursday..." is exciting because you have an idea of when he died, but without the context of having the complete page of the newspaper, "last Thursday" could be somewhat meaningless.

Today's technology solves these dateless obituary problems. Take this for example:


This is a clipping that we've had in our family records for years. Nobody knows where it came from, let alone the date and place it was published.

Then we used GenealogyBank's new newspaper service and located the original in seconds! We entered the name of the person, and a couple of other unique words from the obituary, and clicked on the search button. GenealogyBank then searched over 1,300 historical U.S. newspapers and found 1 result that matched perfectly.

We now had the date (October 20, 1896) and the name of the newspaper (Charlotte Observer).

Historical U.S. newspapers is not all that GenealogyBank offers. You can also search digitized images of modern obituaries, historical books/documents, and even the Social Security Death Index:

Historical Newspapers, 1690 to 1977—articles, obituaries, marriage notices, birth announcements and other items from over 500,000 issues of more than 1,300 titles; updated monthly

America's Obituaries, 1977 to the Present—over 22 million modern obituaries from more than 800 newspaper titles across all 50 states; updated daily

Historical Books, 1652 to 1900—the complete text of over 17,000 genealogies, biographies, funeral sermons, local histories and more from books, pamphlets and other printed items; updated monthly

Historical Documents, 1789 to 1980—government and military records, casualty lists, widows' claims, pension requests and other items from the complete American State Papers and over 81,000 selected reports (more than 40%) from the U.S. Congressional Serial Set (1817-1904); updated monthly, with plans to complete content through 1930 by December 2007 and through 1980 by 2009

Social Security Death Index, 1937 to the Present—over 78 million unique records with enhanced data (including exact age and city, county and state information), which genealogists can easily copy and save to their files; updated weekly

Special pricing for December 2006 has just announced special pricing for the month of December. If you sign up now, you can save 66% per month with a yearly subscription. It's worth looking into if newspaper research is on your To Do List.

Visit and enter the promotion code of "Legacy" without the quotes.

Santa Claus in the 1930 census

Santa Claus and his family lived in Marshall, Saline County, Missouri in April 1930. Click on the image below for the evidence:


Is Santa a Legacy Family Tree user?

Many of his descendants are. We've heard from a couple of them recently:

Yes, Santa Claus did live in Marshall and was my Great, Great Uncle. He died in 1957 and is buried under a tombstone that says beloved father in Bluelick, Missouri, just outside of Marshall. - Steven Clause, of Marshall, Missouri

Santa Clause was my Great Great Grandfather and I am proud that people remember him. I am William Clauses Great Grand son (Santas Son) - Dorian Clause

Genealogy Stocking Stuffers

What a genealogist really wants to find in their stocking this year:

Dailycalendarthumb Genealogy Daily Desk Calendar - $12.95

Learn something new every day with the Genealogy Daily desk calendar. The calendar is 4"x5", and provides technology tips, important web sites, document recognition, crosswords, census tips, brick wall solutions, genealogy terms, and more. Authored by Millennia's Geoff Rasmussen, it makes a great gift for the genealogy enthusiast or beginner.

"Quite simply the neatest genealogy learning tool to come down the pike." - DearMYRTLE

" . . . a nifty product, good for your desktop or as a gift for a genealogy friend." - Dick Eastman

Genealogy101thumbGenealogy 101 - $19.95

A practical guide to basic principles of family research- this is a book the beginner can understand and the experienced will appreciate. Subjects include but not limited to why, how to, documentation and jump starting your genealogy.  A must for every serious student of family history.

Trainingcd4 Legacy Video Training Volume 1 - 5 CDs for $32.95

  • Legacy for Beginners (48 minutes)
  • Your 12-Step Checklist to Using Legacy (48 minutes)
  • Legacy's Ultimate Guide to Sources (34 minutes)
  • Researching with Legacy: Mastering Events and Chronologies (43 minutes)
  • Tagging and Searching Made Easy (34 minutes)

Cd2ndsetforweb Legacy Video Training Volume 2 - 3 CDs for $24.95

  • Creating & Sharing Perfect Reports (58 minutes)
  • Insider's Guide to Legacy: Tips & Tricks (40 minutes)
  • Video Guide to Working with Digital Pictures in Legacy (52 minutes)

Evidencethumb Evidence: Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian - $16.95

The Genealogical Publishing Company raves, "Elizabeth Shown Mills' stunning book, Evidence!, provides the family history researcher with a reliable standard for both the correct form of source citation and the sound analysis of evidence. In successful genealogical research, these two practices are inseparable, and the author's treatment of this little-understood concept is nothing short of brilliant.

Leg6boxthumb Legacy Family Tree 6.0 Deluxe Edition - $39.95

  • Legacy installation CD
  • Legacy for Beginner's training video (on installation CD)
  • 400-page user's guide

Order online or call 1-800-753-3453 (U.S./Canada) or 623-444-8918.

Deadlines for on-time Christmas delivery

Millennia's shipping department is located in Surprise, Arizona. Yes, Surprise really is the name of the city. Since so many of you have asked about shipping deadlines for the holidays, we thought we'd publish what our post office has stated.

According to the United States Postal Service (as of December 5, 2006), these are the "last mailing dates to arrive by Christmas:"

U.S. destinations

Parcel Post: December 13
Priority: December 20
First-Class Mail Letters/cards: December 18
Express mail service: December 22

International destinations

Click here to view the deadlines for international destinations.


If you are purchasing Legacy or other products from our online store, please do so at least a few days before the above-published deadlines. One never knows how accurate the deadlines are from the postal service.

Save on Shipping!

Whether you purchase one item from us, or ten, the shipping/handling remains the same - one flat rate. Buy gifts for everyone in the family and save.

Order Online or by Telephone

  • 1-800-753-3453 (U.S. and Canada)
  • 1-623-875-4928

Happy Holidays,

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