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Free calendars for genealogy research

What day of the week was it on January 28, 1910? What day did "last Thursday" refer to in your grandfather's obituary? These types of questions are easily answered with Legacy Family Tree's Calendar tool.

Calendar_2 Legacy comes with three built-in calendars - a month calendar, a year calendar, and a date calculator. To access these calendars, click on the calendar button in the main toolbar.

The month calendar includes the calendars from the year 1700 to the year 2100. Just use the scrollbar at the bottom to pick the right month and year. The same is true for the year calendar.

The date calculator is handy for many situations. If you have an obituary which lists the death date, and how old the person was (78 years, 8 months, 3 days), enter this information into the form and click on the Calculate button. Instantly, the exact birth date will be calculated for you.

It is also helpful when calculating birth years in census records. Suppose the 1881 UK census listed an ancestor's age as 68. Enter this age in the Years field, enter 1881 in the Second Date field, click calculate, and Legacy will display 1813 in the First Date field.


FREE is a good price

These calendar tools are available in the standard edition of Legacy Family Tree, which is free. To download Legacy, click here.

Other calendar tools

Legacy will also create birthday/anniversary calendars, and will remind you of upcoming birthdays and anniversaries. For more information, click here.


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I have information on ancestors earlier than 1700. Is there any plan to extend the calendar?

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