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Legacy Tip: How to Record a Cremation (instead of burial)

If you have an ancestor who was cremated, you probably want your reports and data entry screens to reflect this event, instead of a burial event. With Legacy Family Tree this is simple to do.

In the Individual's Information screen, click on the plus sign just to the right of the burial location field. A pop-up menu will appear. Click on the word Cremated, and Legacy does the rest.

You will immediately notice that the burial label in this screen has been changed to a Cremated label. Click on Save and you will notice in the Family View that the burial label has also been changed.

Finally, in your various reports (Family Group Records, Books, etc.), if you made the change in the Individual's Information screen, the burial information will automatically be changed to Cremated.

This option only applies to the current individual, so do not worry that it would be changed for everyone.

Watch the Legacy QuickTip Video "How to Record a Cremation."

Watch the Legacy QuickTip Video "How to Record a Cremation."



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I like that, but how would I notate where we spread (or didn't) the ashes?

Not completely useful in noting time passage of related events. With a traditional death/burial - there is a death date and a funeral/burial date(usually the same day). With cremation there is a death date, a creation date and a later burial/spreading of ashes date.

It's not ideal, but the best bet is to choose either Cremation or Spreading/Interment to replace Burial, and assign the other as an Event.

That great but both my parents were cremated, then we buried the ashes in the cemetery of their choice. There is no way of doing both unless you put the information into burial notes. with which then the cremation and burial would have different dates.

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