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Legacy's Pedigree View now has a cleaner look

Legacy's Pedigree View just got a lot better. This view displays either four or five generations of one's ancestors (right-click on its background to toggle this number). The Pedigree View makes it easy to see just how far back in time you've researched.

In addition to the pedigree, there are two boxes on the left side which show even more information about the highlighted individual. The top-left box shows the person's spouses and children, and the lower-left box displays their siblings and additional information.

Having all this information on one screen is great, but for some Legacy users, it just feels a little cramped. We've listened to your requests, and are excited to let you know that we've made a couple of changes that we think you'll enjoy.

The two informational boxes on the left can now be optionally removed, thus presenting a much cleaner and less-cramped Pedigree View. To remove the boxes, simply right-click anywhere in the Pedigree View's background and click Hide Spouse/Child and Siblings lists.

Before (click for larger view):


After (click for larger view):


If you want the boxes back, simply right-click on the background, and click Show Child/Spouse and Siblings lists.

To take advantage of this new enhancement, be sure that you download the latest update. The feature was added in version Deluxe Edition users can easily update by clicking on the link in the Updates section of the Legacy Home tab. Standard edition users can update via our website at


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Hiding the Spouse/Siblings/Child list leaves enough room to introduce 2 or possibly more generations in the Pedigree View - that really would be useful.

I second the foregoing comment - I would find it quite useful to be able to see at least one more generation, if not two

I also agree with the above two comments. Seeing more on the Pedigree Chart would be a great bonus. Thank you, Peggy.

I would like to be able to print the Pedigree View as it appears on the screen on a single page.

I would also like to print the the pedigree view as it appears in the screen and an option to place the focus person in the right side of the page so that two charts can be joined together

One feature I would very much like to see included in a future Legacy upgrade, would be the facility to create a single book report of everyone in my tree, ancestors, descendants, the lot.

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