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Create amazing timeline charts with Genelines 2.0 for Legacy

Genelines Create amazing timeline charts - Genelines for Legacy gives you a suite of seven distinctive, fully customizable timeline charts. These eye-catching charts are created from two sources - your Legacy database and an extensive library of history files - to illustrate your family lines along with any fascinating facts and interesting events you've found in the course of your research. No other software or printed materials currently available can provide the same ancestral snapshots as these timeline charts.

  • Individual Biographical Chart
  • Comparative Biographical Chart
  • Pedigree Chart
  • Direct Line Chart
  • Family Group Chart
  • Fan Chart
  • Full Descendant Chart

Share family stories - With Genelines 2.0 for Legacy, sharing your family stories has never been easier! Print your charts on any size paper, including large wall charts. Or, publish your charts in PDF format to easily share them with family and friends. You can even insert your charts into word processing documents and web pages.

Enhance your research - The unique way in which Genelines timeline charts present your data can lead you into many new avenues of research. By comparing the lives of two or more people, or determining who was alive when an important event occurred, your research efforts will be focused like never before. Genelines charts also help you to identify and expose missing, illogical or contradictory data that will only improve the quality of your research.

Compatible with Legacy Family Tree - Designed for use with Legacy Family Tree versions 3, 4, 5 and 6, Genelines for Legacy will read your Legacy file directly so no data entry nor GEDCOM import is required. Genelines for Legacy also reads GEDCOM files.

Free Timelines - Download free historical timelines for use with your Genelines 2.0 for Legacy. There are over 80 timelines to choose from.

Sample Charts - Click here to view sample charts.

Purchasing - Click here for more information or to purchase. Only $19.95!


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