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Read this article which was very interesting. It did not, however answer a problem that I have confronted. I have a family listed from Family (Art A. Collins)showing another family living in the same household during the 1880 census. I am at a loss as to how to enter the widow (Anna J. CARR) and her children into this family. My primary interest is in the daughter Nora J Carr

What I do when I come across such a person is I list them as a child of the head of the family and then add under Status "Boarder" "Servant" "Laborer" "Nephew" etc.
That way, when I am researching the person in question, I have an easier time finding out if the person was indeed a relative somehow.

My problems ain't "Potential", and I know who created the most important of them. ;-D

As a new user I'm hoping Legacy will help me sort things out, and keep track of things as I figure out the mysteries.

My Great-Granny, on my Mom's side, married 3 men in 8 years, and apparently 5 men total, over 17 years, having 3 kids in wedded bliss, and 1, um, outside the bonds of matrimony (maybe).

That 1? My Grandfather. ;-D

I'm paying for my Uncle, the mans only surviving child, to have a DNA Test in the next few weeks, so we can make some progress in sorting this tangle out. ;-D

Oh, um, Great-Granny found lasting happiness, it seems, with #5.

They were married at least 15 years, and she outlived him by many years, as she did all her hubbys, and all but possibly 1 of her kids.

She died in her 80's. ;-D

Rumor has it she was morking on landing hubby #6 right to the very end...but that's only rumor. ;-D

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