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Provo, UT, January 25, 2007 -- For the first time ever, all of Everton’s Genealogical Helper issues, more than 10,000 pages, will be online January 31st at

“Since 1947, long before the Web, Web 2.0, and community websites, Everton’s Genealogical Helper magazine has been connecting family history researchers and printing their research results, offering an invaluable aid to millions of other researchers,” said Walter Fuller, President and Publisher, Everton Publishers.

The Genealogical Helper emphasizes content, continuing education, and research resources, for both professional genealogists and amateur family history researchers. Leland Meitzler, one of the founders of the genealogy industry, was recently named the managing editor of this magazine.

“This information, along with a wealth of highly informative articles, lists, book reviews, etc., has made the Helper the ‘bible’ of the industry for 60 years.  We at Everton are extremely pleased that this data, in its entirety, will now be available through,” Fuller said. is currently using optical character recognition (OCR) to index the Genealogical Helper issues from the past 60 years (1947-2007).

“The Genealogical Helper represents the modern era of genealogy research. We are pleased to include this valuable reference tool at So much of what we know today as genealogy research techniques have been introduced and defined in the Genealogical Helper, and there is a lot of great information on each page,” said David Lifferth, President,

In the past, Everton has only indexed the last ten years of the Genealogical Helper. Subscribers will soon have the opportunity to access more than 200 issues. Each issue contains up to 200 pages.

“This is a huge data set. The images are clear and readable and the OCR will be very accurate and usable to our readers. Instead of searching through thousands of pages to find a question your relative asked, you can perform a simple search and find the information you need in a matter of seconds,” said John Ivie, Senior Programmer,

The Everton Genealogical Helper collection will be housed in the Reference section at

“Over a half a century of data, inquiries, book reviews, articles on family history and genealogy, as well as personal insight to research in the field, make this data set an invaluable collection for our subscribers,” said Yvette Arts, Director, Content Acquisition,


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How do I subscribe to Everton's Genealogical Helper?

And it only costs $50.


Click on
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