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Free update for Pocket Genealogist (3.03) now available

Pocket Genealogist is the preferred software for genealogy on handheld Pocket PC devices. It allows you to carry your Legacy data with you wherever you go. To learn more, visit http://legacyfamilytree.com/PocketGenealogist.asp

Free update available

Version 3.03 of Pocket Genealogist, a free update for version 3 users, is now available on the Northern Hills Software website.


  • Desktop: Support for Windows Vista.  (Older versions of Pocket Genealogist also work except they will refer to "ActiveSync", now called "Windows Mobile Device Center" under Vista)
  • Desktop: The new "minimum" screen resolution requirement for Pocket Genealogist is 800 x 600.  Also made changes to some of the screens to be more consistent.  (About, Register, Unregistered, etc.)  The bigger screen sizes helped un-clutter some screens.
  • Desktop: Removed the "# of Individuals Warning" option for imports.
  • Device: "Misc" color tab changed from "Edit" and "Non-Edit" to "Data" and "Changed Data".   When you change information on the device, the changed data will reflect the color selected for this option.  (Also works with the "Changes Report" which is still under development.  Use the "Public Beta" if you wish to try the "Changes Report")
  • Device: Added the synchronization of Pocket Genealogist device configuration values to the desktop which will allow restoration if the device incurs a hard rest.  (Such as colors)
  • Device: When "Linking a new spouse", added the ability to "Cancel".
  • Device: Added COM port 0 as valid GPS port.
  • Device: Added a "Test" button to the GPS Tab.
  • Device: Fix to properly display the Custom name fields (Nickname, AKA, Married Name, etc.).
  • Device: Fixed list coloring on Sources tab
  • Legacy: Fix to 2-way syncing and the "Preferred Spouse" setting for an individual when adding new parents to an individual.   You may wish to do a "Check/Repair" in Legacy to make sure that the preferred setting is set correctly, but first do a sync to make sure the device changes have been updated back into Legacy.  After the Check/Repair, do another sync to send any changes to the device.  (You may wish to re-import your data to the device if there are other changes/fixes are found during the "Check/Repair")
  • Legacy: Removed "labels/statuses" as a selection option for direct imports, they will now always be included.
  • Dutch, French, Norwegian and Portuguese translation updates.

Download the free update at http://www.pocketgenealogist.com/download.htm

As usual, you do not need to uninstall an older Version 3 release before installing 3.02.

More information

For more information on Pocket Genealogist, or to order, please visit http://legacyfamilytree.com/PocketGenealogist.asp


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