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GenealogyBank.com - New special pricing for Legacy users

We're excited to announce that GenealogyBank.com is now offering special discounted pricing for users of Legacy Family Tree.

The GenealogyBank.com collection features more than 1,300 historical American newspapers and over 100,000 rare documents, all fully searchable from any web browser. GenealogyBank.com also provides unlimited access to 23 million obituaries from 1977 to the present - more than any other source - as well as the Social Security Death Index from 1937-forward, updated weekly. This this unique resource, your next discovery could be just a few clicks away.

Special Pricing for Legacy users

To learn more, or to subscribe, click here.


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Clicked on the link: "To learn more, or to subscribe, click here."

I got to the subscribe part - but could not find the "learn more" part.

Would like to know more.

Try going directly to http://www.genealogybank.com to learn more.

I would want to be able to try this service before purchasing a subscription. It seems that my ancestors kept a pretty low profile and if I didn't find any notices in this collection, I wouldn't be happy about spending the money for a subscription.

Can't find a special price for Legacy users. I'm about to cancel but a special price may keep me subscribed

Great comments.
Here some answers to your questions.

To subscribe click on the the button above. The specail price for Legacy users, $79.80 is much lower than the price ($119.95) if you signed up on the site itself.

For more information about the content go to: www.GenealogyBank.com (but remember to get the special pricing you have to click through from the Legacy site).

You can search the site before you sign-up. Go to: www.GenealogyBank.com and search the site for free to see all of the records on your ancestors. You will be able to see a small snippet of the article, just a few lines of the original page image to let you see if it is the information that you are looking for. When you sign-up you can access the entire item.

Give it a try -- then sign-up using the Legacy sign-up link to get the special price.


Although the first part of the message mentions American papers it does not specifically state that the other records are relative to UK, which is necessary if you are only interested in researching UK records.

Now that I have signed up for GenealogyBank.com where and how do I get to it without coming back here for it.

LeRoy, good question.

Once you have signed up ... simply go to www.GenealogyBank.com

You will login there with your user name and password. If you like you may check the box and your computer will "remember" your login and recognize you each time you return to use the site.

Give it a try and let me know what you find.

All the best,

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