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Legacy tip - create a CD for one side of the family

Question from Wendy:

I want to share CDs of info with different sides of the family without them having all the rest of the family's details. Is there an easy way of selecting one line and creating a CD with just that info on it?

Answer from Millennia:

If you have Legacy's latest update, this task is much easier. Click on the new Create CD button in the main toolbar. (If you don't see this new button, right-click on any of the buttons, locate the new button in the list of available buttons, and drag it to the toolbar.) Click on the image below to see what the button looks like.


The next screen that will appear looks like this:


Follow the prompts to create a subset of the family, and to create the shareable CD. (The next time you open Legacy, be sure to verify that you are using your original family file.)

For complete step-by-step instructions for creating the shareable CD, click here.


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I'll be curious to see how this works when my mother and father share 11 pairs of ancestors and 2 individual ancestors in the last 12 generations.

When I create a GEDCOM file of the desendents of an ancester, I would like to include the parents of spouses. Is there an easy way of doing this? Or do I have to identify them one at a time?

I would like to see a category added so that a person's occupation can be listed.

Also, when creating a book, I would like to create it for the entire family of children who share the same ancestry instead of doing just one at a time.

I'd like to see icons for service groups or fraternal organizations, Rotary, Masons, Kiwanis, etc. that can appear on the Family box, like the selected photo does.

How do I easily share photos that are part of my Legacy file as part of a gedcom file?

Is there an easy way (or program) to find the links between people on a Legacy tree who are not direct descendants i.e. to follow a line from one person to another?

I would like to see a marker for an adopted child or one who was given up for adoption.

I want to transfer part of my family tree and have unlinked this from the main section. I do not want to have to export all the information to my other PC.
Can this be done using a portable memory key, if so how.

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