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Legacy tip - Memorized Dates/Places

If you are retyping the same date or place for several individuals, you are unnecessarily wearing out your keyboard.

As you enter dates and locations into date and location fields in Legacy, the most recent ten dates and place names are remembered and can be quickly displayed in a popup list and selected.

To display the list of the last ten place names, for example, right-click on the field label to the left of any location field. From the resulting popup list of place names you can select one to fill into the location field by clicking on it.

In the image below (click on it to view it), the popup list was displayed after right-clicking on the born label.


This feature is only available in the Deluxe Edition. To learn more about the differences between the free Standard Edition and the Deluxe Edition, click here.


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That's brilliant! I knew about clicking on the label to insert the last used place for example, but not about the right click to get a list. Fantastic! Thanks!

This would be great if it worked on the /Edit Master Source Definition/Source Info/ screen too. On screen I have to retype the "Recorded Date" over and over again all day long. Is there a way to automate the entering of the "Recorded Date" on this input screen? Thanks, Jack.

When repeating the location, I use F8 to duplicate the last typed entry. It's quick and easy!

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