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FamilySearch Indexing - Choose your own indexing project

FamilySearch Indexing continues to be the greatest advancement in genealogy technology in years. We continue to encourage all Legacy Family Tree users to participate in this new project.

There are many indexing projects currently available, with many more in the works. Which project you work on is entirely up to you.

After opening the software, there are two main buttons. If you click on "Download Indexing Batch" you will be indexing the documents that fall into FamilySearch's highest priority documents. In other words, FamilySearch decides which document they want you to index.

If, however, your ancestors lived in Illinois in 1900, you might want to participate in the 1900 U.S. Illinois Federal Census indexing project. You have the choice! Just click on the "Download From..." button, and you can choose any of the existing projects. Click on the image below to see what this looks like.


To Sign Up

If you have not yet signed up, please visit www.FamilySearchIndexing.org. To read our initial announcement about the project, click here.


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How does indexing for legacy correspond with, say, an index for a book? For example, I want to look up the subject Akerselva. I go to the book index and find the word Akerselva with, say page nos. 10-15; 85; and 101. I would expect the word Akerselva would be found on all those pages. Is this what the legacy index will do?

If I participate in these projects, will the info be made available on line someday to the general public?

Susan, yes, they will be made available at www.familysearch.org for no cost.

Will this information come online as it gets done, or wait until it is ALL done?

This is an very easy project to work on. I have been indexing census record for a week now. I try to get at least one page a day done. I encourae you all to give it a try.

Do you find many are joining from the UK or is it mainly US trees? I use family search quite a lot and it has been very helpful but I don't have any US connections.

I would be interested in indexing say something for Co Cork or Co Sligo in Ireland but have no interest in indexing documents in USA. Is that an option or not?

I would gladly volunteer to transcribe records if they covered the UK. Perhaps they should consider these projects, there are plenty of English people out there wanting unavailable records. Everything seems to be based on America which is useless to a lot of us as we have no relations there.

Anne, at FamilySearchIndexing.org, click on the Projects tab, then click on the Upcoming Projects link. One of the upcoming projects is Irish Civil Registration. There are also other projects for other areas of the world, and this will expand as time moves on.

The indexing project, which is simply the LDS extraction program updated to be entirely Internet based, is not intended to be a research tool for the individual genealogist. It is a labor of love that will provide others with easier access to their family records. The likelihood that you will download a census or civil record with your family line is almost non-existent. However, someone somewhere is transcribing your family records (or will eventually), enabling you to some day find that "brick wall" ancestor in an online database.

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