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Choosing the right genealogy computer program is an important decision for any genealogist. For professionals, this decision is even more critical. They will be working with the software every day as they organize, plan, and share their research findings. Legacy Family Tree was developed with this in mind. While its interface and usability suites the beginner, it is also robust enough to meet the demands of serious researchers.

Millennia Corporation is pleased to announce a new publication designed especially for professional genealogists. The 9-page booklet, Legacy Family Tree for the Professional Genealogist, outlines many of the tools professionals need in a genealogy computer program, and describes how Legacy Family Tree meets these needs. The booklet provides information on the following:

  • Data and hard-copy organization
  • Working with locations
  • Locating important records
  • Planning with To Do Lists and Research Logs
  • Better analysis with timelines
  • Historical timelines
  • Easier information retrieval
  • Sharing multimedia with your client
  • Reporting/sharing findings

Download your free copy today

The booklet is available as a .pdf file and can be downloaded here.


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Thanks for the document. It looks interesting. The announcement indicates that it is an 11-page booklet but the PDF file that I downloaded and printed is only 9 pages. If possible, for the future could documents like this be given page numbers? I have quickly stapled my copy because had I dropped it, putting it back together would have been quite a challenge.

Kathy Wallace
Ottawa, Canada

Thanks Kathy, I've added the page numbers now.

Nice document Rasmus!

Myself I have found Publishing Center very usefull. It really makes difference and should be learn properly.

Asko Makitalo
Europe - Finland
Computer specialist
hobby genealogist
ps. I will fix my wep pages someday :)

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