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Classes being taught on Legacy Cruise

Sneak Peek of Legacy 7

Legacy version 7 is getting closer to its release. We're still putting on the finishing touches, and we'd like your feedback.

On Tuesday, July 31 from 5:15-6:15, we are teaching a class entitled "Sneak Peek of Legacy 7" at the 31st Annual Brigham Young University Family History and Genealogy Conference in Provo, Utah. The class is held in room 2254. Seating is limited and the class is open to the public.

On Thursday, August 2 from 5:15-6:15 we are teaching "An Overview of Legacy Family Tree" in room 2254.

If you live in the Utah Valley area and want to meet the developers of Legacy, please stop by booth #1 in the Harmon Building on BYU's campus. The vendor area is open to the public, conference registration is not required. If you've been waiting for this conference to purchase our new Magnabrite magnifiers, we'll have them there too (no shipping costs!).

More than 100 classes
More than 100 classes will be offered throughout the conference, allowing participants to gain new skills and helpful information.  Class topics include Beginning Family History, Family History Center Support, Computers and New Programs, Europe/Nordic Research, British Research, U.S. Research, Methodology, and Publishing Family Histories.  We invite you to attend the conference to learn new techniques and to build and strengthen your family ties through genealogy and family history.

For more information, please visit the conference web site at http://ce.byu.edu/cw/cwgen/


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For those of us who use Legacy and are not attending this conference, is there any way that the overview will also be placed on-line? I have not seen any information about Legacy 7 to-date. Do you have a date for release? I understand "keeping it under wraps" but as of the date of conference, it will be "out there." Thanks.

Teresa, not initially, but it's a good idea. In our store, on the left panel, it mentions that Legacy 7 will be out sometime in the fall. That's our hope anyways.

I am unable to attend this conference for geographic reasons, but I would LOVE to see info on the Newest version. I am thrilled using Legacy 6. I have tried most others out there and this is the easiest program to use.

I just saw on the store the promotion: Purchase Legacy 6.0 today and we'll send you the upgrade to Legacy 7 for FREE when it is released later this fall.

That's a great promotion, and gives people more confidence in buying the product. I wish there was a blog post about that so I knew about it earlier.

If Legacy 7 is as good as Legacy 6,then it'll be GREAT.If it's better ..heavens,what can we expect?
Can't wait...

I echo the sentiments of earlier posts, Geoff ! I love the power of Legacy 6, it's clean interface, and all it's great features. Have used Legacy Deluxe for years and am always anxious for the next new version. FTM 2008 beta looks great too - hope your developers have incorporated some of their new features while keeping all the great stuff Legacy already has. Like others, would love to see something on your site to give us a peek into the future. Hope you can make it happen. Thanks.

Will there be a charge to upgrade to Legacy 7?

I was very disappointed in Legacy when I found that I could not include sources in any format other than family pages. (ie. family trees, ancestry charts, etc.)

With so many errors in genealogies printed on line, it would really help if documentation were given so that the facts could be checked.
Barbara Swift

Barbara, Sources can be printed in many other reports other than just family group records. However, like you said, they do not yet print on pedigree charts. This is on our list of things we want to do.

I have used Legacy now for several years and have found it to be one of the best on the market.

I hope in this new version they have addressed the problem of same sex marriages as Legacy is one of the few that will not accept them.

I'm hoping the new version of Legacy will include the ability to easily copy sources,that is, make a duplicate copy which can then be edited to create a unique source. This is helpful when entering repetitive source information such as census records for different families in the same ED.


I have other genealogy programs but I have been using routinely and recommending Legacy, for the past several years, to everyone who would listen . Unfortunately I still haven't learned how to use all of the features of version 6. yet, Now there is 7.0 !!!!! I echo the comments posted above.

What about doing a live teleconference so people can call in and hear the information?

I have ben looking forward to the release of Legacy 7. Will it be compatible with Pocket Genealogist as Legacy 6 is?

I am really looking forward to seeing what v7 has to offer. I researched many products including some very pricey ones and Legacy was the best of them. Easy to use, powerful features and easy to justify cost. It has been easy getting my 20+ years of research into Legacy 6 and printing great looking reports for the family.

Will you have Legacy 7 ready for previewing (or be demonstrating it) at the FGS conference in August? I know many people have foregone other conferences this year in order to attend FGS, since it is on location with the Allen County Public Library.

I'm excited to see the new Legacy 7 as well! I haven't been impressed with FTM 2008 beta and have already decided to keep using Legacy. Hopefully there will be some updates to the charting features of Legacy - that would make it heads and shoulders above the competition!

A reply for Dan Babish:
There already is a way to easily copy sources - Make one small change anywhere on the source to copy, such as put a 2 in front of the source name. When you click Save you are given two options, Apply the change to all references, or Apply to a new copy. Of course choose the latter. Then make the other changes you need on the "2" source.

The only two changes I really would like to see are:
1. The ability to see all who use a certain Citation Detail that is attached to a Source. Currently there is no way to do this. We can only see all who use a particular source. The citations are not so easily found.
2. The ability to use Search and Replace options applied only to individuals in the current search list.

Yet, a newer version. Each version has so many new "features" that are rarely if ever used. I began with Legacy 3, after encountering version after version of FTM. When will it stop. Most of the so called features are not worth paying money for, particularly if not used.

I'm looking forward to previewing Version 7. Legacy is the closest I have found to Generations, which I love and have been using for some 10 years. Generations however is no longer produced or supported. I do lose a lot of information in the gedcom conversion however. It would sure be great if the new Legacy would open a UDS file created by generations without losing so much information and links in the gedcom conversion process. I understand that TMG will do that. Hope the new Legacy will also.

Hopefully, for future users, Legacy 7 will address some of the photo limitations in version 6. The ability to insert various size photographs, without having Legacy arbitrarily adjust the size, inserting photo pages into book formats, not having to have photos tied to a specific individual, ie, the ability to browse to find a photo and select them from your hard drive, etc. would be a benefit.
I've found Legacy to be a good program for inputting information, not so flexible for producing a book from it, unless facts are all you want to see.

Looking forward to new 7 edition. Hope the internet connection is better in this one. I have trouble with that in 6. But do love this program much more than others.

Yes, we will make sure that Pocket Genealogist works with Legacy Version 7. (Which may or may not require changes to Pocket Genealogist, we'll have to wait for the final release of V7)

Dr. Strauss, We're not sure yet. But please stop by.

I just bought Legacy 6 Deluxe in APRIL. Will they offer people some kind of break who just got Legacy? I was using Roots Magic and decided to switch to Legacy. Now I wish I had waited a little longer. I thought Legacy 6 was new.

Any foreign language support in V7? I am still using V5 because it is compatible with the Swedish foreign language support beta.

Thanks, JB

About a year ago, I asked about having a facility that also shows death anniversaries in the calendar and hope this is going to be added this time.

This would be an extremely useful feature and I understand that many others have asked for this function as well - fingers are crossed !

Kelly L., yes, there will be a break.

Can I run Legacy 7 from my flash drive so that I could be on any computer and use Legacy?

...I'm still finding new features in my version 6 De Luxe version! Are there any plans to produce a DVD to highlight the changes? I have found my training DVDs to be a great value.

I have version 6, my problem is that I donot enjoy reading online so as a consequence I have not learned the full capabilities of 6. I am sure that there are others like me. Do you have plans in the future to address this situation and help us all out. Look forward to v7

Moira, yes we will probably do this. Arthur, not yet....

Delores, there is a printed user's guide available in the online store.

Will be looking forward to Version 7. I sure hope to see the one thing I have added to the wish list the last many years, "a way to quickly find a newly added picture."

Thanks for the info on V.7. I sure hope it includes the ability to print a vertical family tree of ancestors or descendants. It would be fantastic to be able to print a descendant tree with both sides of a family of a particular descendant.

Currently, I have to export the data via Gedcom to my old version of FTM just to do this. I tried Tree Draw but had to return it as I just could not get the hang of it. Please. Please. Please

One thing I have found to be a problem is the display of Chinese names. Typically the family name (surname) will be the first name written & spoken.
For example, 'Chow Yuen Fatt' - Chow is the family name, and Yuen Fatt is the given name.
It would be nice if there was some way to be able to get the names showing correctly for Chinese so I can get my wife's side of the family tree looking acceptable.

I've been using Legacy for a while, bought vs. 5.0 and was pleased with it, and then bought vs. 6.0 Deluxe, which was very little improvements from vs.5.
I created my website using Legacy, along with help from support groups, but when I update it, I'd like a setting that I could choose for an "Updating website", and in so doing leave the original index.html intact, and only update the family files, and also show at the bottom "Updated/current date" without having to manually do this each time.

I'd like to be able to enclude 2 pictures in a report or website, such a one of the individual and one of their tombstone.

I'd also like the "Events" to have an option to change in the list style, for example: Date/Name of Event/Description/Place, and in so doing this would give a quick look at a "Timeline".

I'd like for the Legacy windows to stay open while I'm viewing another window, for example, when I'm viewing a census, I'd like to have the census window open and be able to type in Legacy at the same time.
I'd also like more report/chart options without having to buy additional software or as I've done import a gedcom into FTM.

I would appreciate if you could post a list of what's new in Version 7.

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