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Classes being taught on Legacy Cruise

Sneak Peek of Legacy 7

Legacy version 7 is getting closer to its release. We're still putting on the finishing touches, and we'd like your feedback.

On Tuesday, July 31 from 5:15-6:15, we are teaching a class entitled "Sneak Peek of Legacy 7" at the 31st Annual Brigham Young University Family History and Genealogy Conference in Provo, Utah. The class is held in room 2254. Seating is limited and the class is open to the public.

On Thursday, August 2 from 5:15-6:15 we are teaching "An Overview of Legacy Family Tree" in room 2254.

If you live in the Utah Valley area and want to meet the developers of Legacy, please stop by booth #1 in the Harmon Building on BYU's campus. The vendor area is open to the public, conference registration is not required. If you've been waiting for this conference to purchase our new Magnabrite magnifiers, we'll have them there too (no shipping costs!).

More than 100 classes
More than 100 classes will be offered throughout the conference, allowing participants to gain new skills and helpful information.  Class topics include Beginning Family History, Family History Center Support, Computers and New Programs, Europe/Nordic Research, British Research, U.S. Research, Methodology, and Publishing Family Histories.  We invite you to attend the conference to learn new techniques and to build and strengthen your family ties through genealogy and family history.

For more information, please visit the conference web site at http://ce.byu.edu/cw/cwgen/


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Since you are already are teaching a class entitled "Sneak Peek of Legacy 7", is there any opportunity to accomodate changes?

I would like to be able to enclude multiple pictures in a report or website.

I wish you would go back to the feature where clicking on viewing a picture would open the picture galery rather than just "quicklook" of just the picture.

I would like to suggest to Ernest that he try using the Legacy Training Videos. They are very well-done and have been an immense help to me in learning all of the fantastic features of Legacy. The fact that Legacy has so many features is why it isn't as easy to learn as some of the more simple software programs. But if you invest some time in using the training videos, you will be rewarded with an outstanding genealogy software program. I love it!

I tried posting this earlier, but it never showed up.

Would it be possible to video record the presentation and upload it to "Roots Television" (http://www.rootstelevision.com/). They have a section specifically for Conferences. Then we could all enjoy the preview.


I too would like to see the ability to link multiple individuals to an event. Then we would not have to copy an event to each person who participated.

Will the new legacy include the ability to use Chinese characters? Working with family names from China, Korea & Japan is very ineffective and innacuate without this ability.

I can't wait for 7 to come out. I was one of the beta testers for legacy when it first came out back in 1996-97. I just wish that some of the sugestions that I had back then they would have put into legacy like more Canadian content, such as the location functions. The GEO location & county verifier are still mainly for US places, besides that I am proud to have been there at the beginning of this program & won't use any other for my genealogy research.

I use Legacy by accident. I bought ver.4 because I thought it also included "top down box trees" depicted on the box.
But it did not exactly do that. Therefore your name should be Legacy Genealogy (not Trees). However I learned to love the program for the books and reports available. As for trees, well charting companion is not that great. So I use FTM for trees and just work with both programs. I have no need to go to any new Legacy version unless it incudes Top Down Tree etc.
Thank you very much.

I bought Legacy in December. As has been previously asked by Jan Holland

will there be a charge to upgrade, and if so how much?

Will version 7 include an improvement to the picture center so that I can view everything attached to a person? Specifically I want it to include images attached to sources that are assigned to a person.

Also, will the picture gallery screen have icons for attaching word or pdf documents?

Laura, I tried using the training videos for over a month and, altho they are well written and easily understood, I had several hangups with my sources. I forget the particular hangups as it has been some time since I worked with them. I might try, once again, after v7 comes out. I have a great number of sources in my FTM and I think it was mostly in the transfer of sources from FTM to Legacy v6.

For Greg: Glad to hear that Legacy is still free of the Ancestry.com/Genealogy.com influence.

Geoff - One more note - I tried finding the TIPS you mentioned in your SOURCES CD re TEMPLATES FOR SOURCES but I did not find it in the Tips and Tricks in the Help section of v6. Where are the templates now? Thanks.


Good to hear Legacy 7 is close. Running classes in the US is OK for nearby residents however does not offer the users outside the US any opportunity to add value / test.

Why not allow registered V6 Deluxe version users access to the Beta software to assist in the evaluation process.

Regards Neil

I have used Legacy for some years but also use FTM 2005. Legacy is by far my first choice but FTM still has at least one feature that Legacy lacks. FTM has the ability to convert female maiden names to married names in the index list. This feature is great if you find a headstone or burial record for a married woman and you have no idea who that person is. By quickly checking the FTM index list with the married name option enabled, it will provide the person's maiden name. This person would be very difficult to locate in Legacy. I hope this feature is included in Legacy 7.

Will Legacy v7 have the ability to compile a family history "book" in narrative form, with the ability to imbed family pictures and copies of marriage licenses, baptismal certificates and other like documents therein, and control fonts and paragraphing, rather than the "canned" history in v6?

Whatever the changes, additions, corrections, etc., please add my name to the list for the new version. I have used Legacy for several years and it just keeps getting better and better.

Keep up the great work!

Any feedback from those who attended the Sneak Peek yesterday?

I have read through all the previous comments and feel that they have missed a big one, namely that Legacy should be avaialable for the Apple Mac. I'm not sure I am ready to purchase a Mac but I am very impressed with them and one thing holding me back is a decent genealogy program. I think that the developers of Legacy would be filling a big hole in regard to software availablity for that platform and would definately have a leg up on the competition. (My 84-year-old father has a Mac and I am unable to provide him with advice regarding a decent genealogy program for his machine).
Another suggestion that I have submitted previously that I hope will be in version 7 is the ability to count the number of direct blood-line decendants of an individual in my database as well as the number of direct blood-line ancestors. The reason I am curious about this is that it will give me an idea of how much of my DNA will be walking around this earth 100 or 200 years from now. Scary thought.
As to upgrade frequencies and cost, I am so impressed with the value that Legacy delivers with, not only each upgrade, but also the interim updates, that I do not have any complaints whatsoever. Keep up the good work.
Lastly, I have a small glitch in the repair database feature of 6.0. There is apparently a lost link between a record and a to-do item. The repair feature does not fix it and I have discussed it with technical support. The woman there said she had a similar experience and that the only way to fix it would be to export the entire database. I hope this can be repaired in the conversion process to 7.0.

I have been using Legacy for quite some time and I like it very much. I would like to be able to print a family photo on the top of the family group sheet. I would like to be able to manipulate the photos in the scrap books to any order. I would like to see within the help program or on a separate icon a help guide for entering sources. I would like you to explain in you newsletters or somewhere the logic behind how the sources are entered. You enter many of them by state, then date, then item. Why How does this benefit the user. This is not addressed on the source DVD. The DNA data entries are a must have for those of us who are getting DNA testing done. It will be helpful to have spaces for the entire set of numbers and a place for the lab or provider of the test. Even a surname group source will be helpful on our database.
I am doing much work with pictures. The scrapbook is the only place I can view the pictures I put with the events. There is no way to then create a chronological story of each person including the event, photos of the event, life photos of the person etc. Publishing a book could be made easier. Thank you for all your hard work. I also would like to see what new features version 7 will have. Even a list would be nice. Thank Sharon

What is the cutoff date for the discount pricing on Legacy 7 for those that recently purchased v. 6? I have only been using Legacy 6 Deluxe for less than a year, actually for about 8 months. I assume I'll be out of luck and will need to update at full price.

I would like included in Legacy, the standard British way of showing dropline family trees. Non-family historians are used to these from school history lessons but cannot fathom out the American way so often in family history programs.
Also, a chart showing direct male line only would be useful, please.
These would greatly aid book production presentations for the family without the need for long explanations.

Will the new version have the capability to index by both the married and maiden names of women when generating a book report? This sure would be helpful since the index is most important.

C'mon guys... why be so secretive about whats in v7. Give us the list so that we can comment and then decide whether we want to upgrade or not!!
If it doesnt have more languages included especially the Slavonic languages then I wont bother.

Would it be possible to add additional info to a descendant report other than birth/death/marriage/parents names? I had a program several years ago that worked with PAF where you could add burial, etc. & other events and it was very helpful and a lot less paper than producing lots of FGS to take with you. You could have lots of info on the family in small amt of space.

As a long-time user who has tried practically everything else - Thanks and keep up the good work.

Wish List: I would love to see some way to handle locations that would allow a modifier before the place without creating duplicate enteries. Example: of, probably, possibly, near Perry, Ralls, MO. This would decrease the number of locations (which are basically duplicates) and make for cleaner searches. It would also be nice to be able to add things like cemeteries or hospitals to locations without duplicating enteries.

While I'm definately looking forward to Legacy 7, I agreee with many of the comments posted here about things to make it even better.

Things like being able to see the source details in the source list, along with who uses them (and not just the source itself). I often use the same source for many individuals, chanaging only some of the details, and not being able to see the details from the list means I have to open each person one by one and check the sources.
I'd especially like to be able to keep a Legacy window open for editing while viewing another. When I'm reviewing a report before printing, if I find something I need to change, I have to close the report window, open the area I need to change, make the changes, close out of that, and re-open the report window to see how it turned out. On something like a book style report this is very frustrating and time consuming.

Some other things I'd love to see (I second/third/fourth, etc., the idea) is being able to put images in the notes tab, being able to quickly link multiple people to one event, being able to search/replace throughout all of Legacy, a wider variety of source templates, and run Legacy from a flash drive.

One thing I think would be nice would be to change the open, copy & paste button images on the source clipboard. I frequently hit the wrong button when trying to move a source up or down, and open the clipboard intead. The same with the paste. I tend to want to click copy instead.

Thanks for an overall great product! I love it and will continue to recommend it.

I have 2 suggestions.

First, it would be nice to have a source button beside each field. It's alot of extra clicks (over time) to have to go to the general source window each time and then say "Cite a master source". You should be able to jump there directly.

Also, Legacy has no way to enter gay relationships, marriages, etc... Nowadays this is unacceptable.

For many times I suggested (and asked) an option to hide prefix/sufix in names (Format of Names with Titles). If it is possible to put a comma after/before titles, why not also hide titles?
In some occasions/circunstances it is desirable to omit tiles.
I hope that, after years, finally new Legacy 7 allows this option.

Since the sneak peek has already gone by, how about giving us a little hint of what is in the works for version 7 on this website.

I, too, have used Brother's Keeper, FTM and investigated other genealogy progams befoe choosing Legacy. And, I am very happy with what I have learned of Legacy v6 so far.

However, I , like everyone else, have a wish list of changes/additions to the program. A big help to me would be the option to export (or print) reports directly to a word processor program such as MS Word in order to add my own graphics, group pictures, images of places and/or things without losing all of Legacy's formatting.

Second, allowing printing of multiple family group sheets in descendant order would make life easier.

Third, while I am on the soapbox, is the option to print a list by month of birthdays/anniversarys. Calendars are a dime a dozen,so all I need is a simple list on 2 or 3 pages.

Although Legacy has many "bells & whistles", the vast majority are probably accessed only occasionally by the majority of users, while other useful facilities are absent.
The notes are limited to importing txt files, while doc files allow more flexibility, e.g. different fonts within the notes - perhaps you have a transcript of a letter in Lucinda handwriting that you want to highlight from the default notes font.

In Family group records and Descendant narrative reports there is no option to include in the printouts or saved files, of the marriage photos. - A lot of photos aren't appropiate for individuals - wedding photos, church photos, family photos, etc - which apply to the group, not the individual.

Perhaps consideration should be given to include these options to be available in the new version of Legacy.

I wonder if there are any reports (I see no comments posted after July 31--I posted one, but it was not listed) from the Conference Presentation on July 31 on the new Legacy?

I have seen a couple of you wishing you could export a report to Word - but you can! I have done this for a while now. You can save your file to an RTF and open it just fine in any decent word processor. I just did one the other day. I saved a descendant narrative to rtf and opened it in Word so that I could ask all my questions using red text. I entered each question immediately following the entry with limited data asking the recipient to supply that data.
I am also surprised no one has commented on this feature so far.
I would also like to be able to drop a PDF file into Legacy Notes, or other places.
I also wish to praise the Legacy group for their wonderful support. Sherry has responded several times to my questions/suggestions.
I can't wait for ver 7 and would drop the upgrade dollars on you now even if I have to wait another two months or more. That is how confident I am in their dedication to improving the product. I "sell" Legacy everywhere I go.

after using family gathering for about 8 years only on an old (win98)computer as it don't work on a new computer .seems very simple to use so far .must keep working only another 400 names to go (manual input only)

Are there any plans to incorporate links from Microsoft OneNote to Legacy. I jsut started using OneNote and the first thing I thought of when I was viewing the online tutorials at zMIcrosoft that this would be a great way to produce additional notes, pictures etc into Legacy. haven''t thought it through as to how it would work and was wondering if Legacy had.


One of my wishes is to be able to cite sources for each bit of info. For example, when I have information that relates only to the birth place, but not the birth date, currently the source citation is assumed for both. I would also like to see Census templates in the events instead of the generic entry we currently have. Each decade census would have entries for each column in the census.

Otherwise, I am a long-time user of Legacy and love it. I have tested other programs and find Legacy to be the most user-friendly. Thank you for your wonderful product.

The news of the upcoming v 7 is very exciting - I'm really looking forward to it! A major feature request for me is the issue of gender change. I've got a relative who changed gender to female (legally and physically) and then married a man. To further complicate matters, the country in which s/he lives doesn't accept the gender change as legal and doesn't recognize the (second) marriage as legal, even though the rest of the European Union does!! I'd really like to see a way to enter this mess! :-)

Thanks for a great product and all your hard work making things even better!

I'm hoping we might make either the 2008 or the 2009 cruise so I can learn more!

Cheers, Dallas

Whilst I look forward to Legacy 7, I have some reservations. When I did a presentation in London on Legacy during a day covering several family history programs, it compared well with the others.

My points are:
Exporting using GEDCOM needs to meet the standard to give the facility to be able use other programs without hard work with a text editor.
Good input from non-US users is required, including I hope, beta testing by people around the world. There is now a UK program that is orientated to our needs - I don't like its interface.
The Geo database has inaccuracies which, so I have been told, are not going to be corrected. I appreciate that this task would be expensive in terms of labour but the limitations of the present program drive me up the wall. A minor improvement would the possibility of removing commas in the middle of text on reports, e.g. Oldham,,Lancashire, England.

Please include in V7 the ability to attach all file types vice just .gif and jpg. I create research documents in Word and would like to be able to add them without having to convert.

Wow, this is great news - can't wait to see what you've got in store for us with version 7!
All the best with the new release and looking forward to seeing you guys at the Ó Dochartaigh (Doherty) Clan Reunion next year!


Hopefully it is not too late to ask that v7 should include better charts particularly dropline as Generations used to. Also please could we have the ability in book reports to include more photos?

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