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Classes being taught on Legacy Cruise

Sneak Peek of Legacy 7

Legacy version 7 is getting closer to its release. We're still putting on the finishing touches, and we'd like your feedback.

On Tuesday, July 31 from 5:15-6:15, we are teaching a class entitled "Sneak Peek of Legacy 7" at the 31st Annual Brigham Young University Family History and Genealogy Conference in Provo, Utah. The class is held in room 2254. Seating is limited and the class is open to the public.

On Thursday, August 2 from 5:15-6:15 we are teaching "An Overview of Legacy Family Tree" in room 2254.

If you live in the Utah Valley area and want to meet the developers of Legacy, please stop by booth #1 in the Harmon Building on BYU's campus. The vendor area is open to the public, conference registration is not required. If you've been waiting for this conference to purchase our new Magnabrite magnifiers, we'll have them there too (no shipping costs!).

More than 100 classes
More than 100 classes will be offered throughout the conference, allowing participants to gain new skills and helpful information.  Class topics include Beginning Family History, Family History Center Support, Computers and New Programs, Europe/Nordic Research, British Research, U.S. Research, Methodology, and Publishing Family Histories.  We invite you to attend the conference to learn new techniques and to build and strengthen your family ties through genealogy and family history.

For more information, please visit the conference web site at http://ce.byu.edu/cw/cwgen/


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'Have recommended Legacy to so
many people. It's really user friendly. I have over 5,500 mames listed & still adding 'stuff'.
But I hope that Legacy 7 will
have updated, "fancier" charts. I am tired of having to buy & hassle with Progeny: Genelines Charting Companion. etc. to get what I want. I have given up trying to update & make them 'compatible" (the latest is "needing a PDF driver" to make them work (?!) I will never buy another- & their "support"is dreadful. It has nothing to do with Legacy. Charts etc should all be in ONE Legacy program!
If Legacy 7 gives us more & better charts ...it will have no peer in the genealogy software market.

I would like to see Legacy be able to use Microsoft Word as a choice for publishing a book. I need to be able to edit the book and layout to my design. Better chart options would improve a great program. We don't want to have add on charts from other programs.

The only problem with the new additions that come out is that I have bought the "Deluxe" version and then when you do the free upgrade to Legacy 7, the deluxe part is gone and you have to buy the deluxe again...I can't live without the deluxe version, so I pay for it over and over and will again I suppose because I love Legacy better than any other program.

will ver 7 allow us to print familly group sheets in descendiate order? I have been looking for this change since ver4

I hope that you are expanding the capability to integrate DNA results into an individual's record in Legacy. It would be very helpful to be able to add mitochondrial DNA results and to be able to add a wide range of Y chromosome STR markers and SNPs.

Of all the Geneealogy programmes I have used over the years Legacy is my programme of choice, even if I do not use it to its full potential.
I am currently running Legacy 5.0. At our last NZSG conference 2007 I considered upgrading to v.6.0. However I decided to defer this until the arrival of v.7.0.
I have two questions.
1. Will v.7.0 have the facility to be able to produce charts.
2. Will I be able to upgrade from v.5.0 to v.7.0 without any hassles.

I like Legacy, except when I type out a report, it is to complicated. I also use the Dutch one called, "Aldfear". It prints out a much better report and with the latest version also in English.

What is the maximum number of individuals in legacy 7 per file?

On the DNA comment, it would ultimately be interesting to be able to enter the DNA information once and then be able to reference it for, say, all the male-line relatives for Y-profiles, or all the female-line relatives for mtDNA profiles.

I am interested in the language capabilities in Turkish. I used Legacy 5 with a really special font set. My laptop was stolen then I bought ver 6 which did not work even with this special font set.

I am told to wait ver 7.
Waiting eagerly to see how it works.


I too would appreciate the added bonus of being able to run Legacy 7 from a flash drive so that I can be on any computer and use Legacy.


New Versions are always needed because computers are constantly being improved. As they are improved the old version does not work as well with the new computer operating systems.
I used FTM only two years prior to switching to Legacy. Since I began they went from FTM Version 3 to the current Version 16.
Legacy has only gone to a version 6.
This shows me Legacy is much more adaptable to New operating systems.
I Doubt New Versions will never end. Legacy does offer us easily affordable transitions to new versions. FTM may be affordable also but they change versions at twice the rate, hence twice the price.
Legacy is a bargain as well as a great program. (and they did not pay me to say this!)

Many of these postings are answered by Geoff and other Legacy folks. Unanswered are any questions about pricing. How much will it cost to upgrade from 6.0 Deluxe? Will all those training cd's be wasted dollars now? I ordered Legacy because users told me upgrades were received free.

Frank, the final pricing has not yet been set, but it will likely be comparable to the existing upgrade pricing. Everything in the training CDs will still be very applicable. Updates are free. Upgrades have a discounted price.

Andilynn, the file capacities are listed at http://www.legacyfamilytree.com/Features.asp. Scroll to the General Capacities section.

I to would like to learn more about Version 7. Would it be possible to do a webcast? We might not be able to see any graphics or charts but we can hear what will be new, fixed and upgraded.

It would be nice if:
1. Legacy could call an executable program after webpage generation which would replace the files that it overwrites or deletes.
2. Legacy would overwrite rather than concatanate subsequent importations from PAF, thus preventing numerous duplicatations.

I second (or third) the idea of a podcast from the conference as a way to let all of us in on what to expect from Legacy 7. Legacy is an excellent program and I think the podcast would be helpful to current users and perhaps those who wish to compare FTM Beta with Legacy 7. Will Legacy 7 have a new book and/or new training videos?

The cost of upgrading from V6 to V7 concerns me. As well as the complications, namely the additions or benefits added to program. The length of learning time can be frustrating.
I have worked in FTM, PAF, Brother's Keeper and Legacy. The software programs that allow reports(such as modified register) to be generated and transferred to a Word Processor of my choice are by far the most useful. At that point the final editing is done. A sample file of 20,000 names was transferred from FTM to Legacy by GEDCOM for specific editing.

I have read all of the comments made regarding the release of Legacy 7. As always we want what we cannot have and at record speed ! I have in the past eagerly awaited new versions of Legacy and thay have never ever failed to impress or please. There is always something wanted that a program does not supply and I am sure Legacy 7 will be no exception. However, you give consumers the oppurtunity to suggest new features and I am confident that in taime they are included where possible. I have also been impressed with the customer support and answers to quwestions/ problems. Keep up the good work and whatever the cost involved I am sure it ill be reasonable and well worth upgrading to the new version. Many thanks.

What are the dates and times of the "free" vendor area? I looked on BYU's site and there is no mention of this.

Jerry, it's usually from about 8-6 each day of the conference.

I love Legacy more than I can say. Since a new version is being finalized, I'm probably a little late with this, but a modification of the "Name List" would be greatly appreciated. The column called "Sex" is not needed, since genders are color coded. Instead, could this column be used for another Tag number? Please? This use of that column would be especially helpful when the "Temple" tab is being used.
I also wonder if it is feasible to display all the tags for the couple on the Family View so that you don't have to edit a record, in order to see all the tags that are selected for that person.
Good luck with Version 7. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

I am hoping that Legacy 7 will allow transfering pictures from FTM to the new program directly. I have scads of pictures that need transfered. I would change to Legacy if this process is allowed in a simple way.
I like very much all the other aspects of Legacy 6.

I have requested this before but have not had feed back - I would like to see images accepted in the 'Notes'. I often find historical info on my ancestors and some of those findings have images of people , places, and things of historical value. If they could all be kept together as they are found would be wonderful for the writing of histories.

What I would like is,on a family group sheets to have an opportunity for a more condensed version. Condenced of Expanded version, and what I want to include in printout. If I am giving information to someone I don't want a book to give to them. I am fairly new to Legacy 6 I like it generally. What is a URL:? Thanks

I just purchased Legacy owing to how much better narrative reports are compared to RN, but am very disappointed with the lack of "templates" for formatting sources (bible, census, data from ancestry.com, internet, LDS, etc.) Navigation is proving a pain and the programme isn't particuarly intitutive. I would love to see what v7 is going to offer and hope it will address these issues. I just hate having to use RM, FTM and Legacy just to get the output I want.

I just bought Legacy on the 22nd of this month, will I be charged to upgrade to version 7?

Joseph, go to your Index tab and click on the Options button at the upper right portion of the screen and select "Customize Columns". You already have the feature of setting any of the columns to display a wide number of possibilities. At least, I do in my Version 6.

Hope this helps.

Bill, the order confirmation should have stated that you will receive version 7 free. Also look in the left panel of the store at www.legacyfamilytreestore.com. It also mentions that orders of version 6 will receive version 7 free. This began in June I believe.

Dittos to the many favorable comments to this superb program. Is there any chance you'll give us a few screen shots on your webpage?
Like Emil,I have long been interested in the ability to paste pictures or other graphics (like scans of deeds or whatever) in the notes.

I switched to Legacy a while back from FTM and I am so glad I did. I love it. There are two things though, that I miss. 1) In namelist view, I would like to see the spouses name at the bottom of the screen in the little help window. 2) I would like to have a descendent chart that more resembles an organization chart, with pictures. I can do one now with pictures, but it is more like a report format.
Also, I agree with an earlier comment on offering a variety of source templates.
Will you be putting a video on the website for those of us who cannot attend the presentation?

It's probably too late for inclusion in version 7, but I desperately need a way to be able to search on the address fields linked to a birth, marriage, death, burial and other events. I find it frankly ridiculous that we can search on the address for an individual, but not for any of their linked events!

And, I second Hugh on the ability to record same-sex marriages/civil unions/domestic partnerships - especially when those items are now matters of public record. But I suppose it's useless to even ask, since I was once told by someone at Legacy that the product would likely never lend its support to such "gender confusion". Just what we don't need - judgmental politicizing of our documenting of family histories, instead of giving us the tools to record ALL the facts, be they good, bad, indifferent or even considered scandalous by some.

Pretty easy to tell the difference between a family historian and a "pure genealogist" these days.

It would also be nice to have a way to link secondary participants to an event and assign them a role; for example: linking the witnesses to a marriage, who are often related to the primary participants.

The thing that keeps me using Legacy is the interface & speed. I much prefer the depth of flexibility available in The Master Genealogist, but their interface is clunky. Way too much clicking and too slow. I love Legacy's keyboard shortcuts, since I hate using the mouse - don't ever take them away!

I too, look forward to the Legacy, version 7. My sister & I use Legacy and love it. I just want to re-interate that I hope this version will be compatible with Pocket Genealogist since I use my palm in the courthouses.

Ditto Stephen on the ability to search "all" the nooks and crannies of Legacy. I've suggested this for several versions now and it has yet to happen! Otherwise I like the ease of using Legacy.

I also love the Legacy programs and have been using them for years. I would like to see in the FILE drop down box that DELETE moved away from BACKUP FAMILY FILE. I hit the delete one day by mistake and wiped out my file, I was so glad that the day before I had run a back disc so I only had to replace what I had been working on that day. I wrote a request to tech support about this but I guess it was not important to anyone but me. Please think about it with the new version 7.


I am interested in attending the Sneak Peak of Legacy 7 on Tuesday night at BYU. You mentioned that the class is open to the pubic. Does that mean it's possible to attend that one class without paying the $175 fee for the entire conference?

For some reason or other I cannot seem to get the use of Lagacy as easily as I have Family Tree Maker. This is especially true of the source citations. Since Legacy appears on the STORE portion of FTM it looks like FTM has bought out another competitor.

Laura, That it my understanding.

Ernest, nope, we're still Legacy. They simply resell Legacy too.

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