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Legacy 7 - Hear about it in this week's DearMYRTLE interview with Geoff Rasmussen

MyrtIn this week's Family History Hour with DearMYRTLE, Legacy Family Tree's Geoff Rasmussen discusses what's coming down the pike for Legacy version 7, including compatibility with the much-anticipated new FamilySearch, also yet to be fully released. Myrt announces that she will be attending the 2008 Legacy Genealogy Cruise to Europe.

Myrt also interviewed Pierre Cloutier of and discussed a Legacy add-on, Genelines. Genelines is software to place your ancestor's life in a timeline format, in relation to other family members and to points of local and national history.

Finally, Myrt interviewed genealogy bloggers "Jasia" of CreativeGene and Schelly Talalay Dardashti of Tracing The Tribe to compare & contrast the use of the terms "genealogist" and "family historian".

Listen to the podcast by clicking here.

Archives of past Family History Hour podcasts are available at


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Are there any Legacy group meetings held in the northeast area of the vally?


What valley? What state?


Are there any screenshots available from the new Legacay?

well legacy7 be better at LDS temple work.

I have added "RelationShip" to my Index but it does not display the information?

Evan, you first need to set the relationships. Click on the Tools menu, then click on Set Relationships.

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