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Legacy update now available - 28 Jul 2007 - version

Legacy 6.0 Deluxe Edition Users

If you have Legacy 6.0 Deluxe Edition, connect to the Internet, then start Legacy and click on the "Install and Download Now" link on the Legacy Home tab. (If you're reading this from within the Legacy Home tab, you'll first need to click on the Home button in the top left which looks like the following picture:)

Legacy 6.0 Standard Edition Users

Standard Edition users are required to visit our web site in order to download the new update.


  • IGI Search - Added a new "BEPSC" column which will show up for LDS users.
  • Timelines - Added a French Government timeline. Contributed by Claude Georges.


  • Screen Size - For first time users the default screen size was quite small for people with larger monitors.  We now open Legacy to fill most of the screen.
  • Standard Edition - We have added a comment to the Descendant view about it being a Deluxe Edition only feature.  It was totally blank and people thought it wasn't working.
  • Timelines - Updated the "Canada Prime Ministers" timeline.


For a list of fixes click here.


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Are there any legacy groups that meet to discuss the program near the Paradise Village Mall. I need some input to do a better job. Don McEdward.
[email protected]

My wife is of asian descent and are not able to use Legacy because it does not use Unicode. We really want to make the switch. Can we get Unicode support added?

Have found this quite good for research but would like easier access to various research

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