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TreeDraw for Legacy - special offer

Treedraw TreeDraw Legacy Edition from Spansoft offers enhanced charting solutions for Legacy Family Tree.

Whether you need a large chart for a family reunion, or just want to display a small chart with all your family pictures, TreeDraw Legacy Edition gives you the tools you need to print stunning color charts.

TreeDraw is available now for purchase as a download. Order now for just $39.95 and immediately create charts of your family tree. (Legacy Deluxe Edition customers can receive an additional 15% off. See below for details.)


  • Import descendant and ancestral trees from Legacy Family Tree
  • Charts are automatically formatted vertically or horizontally and can be left/top or center aligned
  • Create large wall charts... great for display at family gatherings!
  • Automatically replace specified text as it is imported
  • Update the chart text elements automatically to match any changes in the Legacy Family Tree family file
  • Add extra text, notes, titles, etc.
  • Add pictures, images, clip-art, etc.
  • Add simple graphics, lines, boxes, etc.
  • Full control over fonts, color, size, shape and alignment of chart elements
  • Text enlargement magnifies text which is too small to read on the screen
  • Search the chart for specific text
  • Scaling tool makes it easy to fit the chart onto a specified number of pages
  • Export the chart to a metafile or bitmap file
  • Supports several date formats and languages
  • Full, on-line, context-sensitive manual
  • A free TreeDraw chart viewer is available so that other people can look at your chart files
  • Easy to use. Get your charts the way you want them... in minutes!

View a larger image of these sample charts by clicking on the image below.




How to Purchase

TreeDraw is available from our online store for just $39.95. If you are a Legacy Deluxe edition customer, you can take an additional 15% off by using the coupon code found in the LegacyNews section of the Legacy Home tab within Legacy Deluxe. (The coupon is only visible if you have the latest update of Legacy Deluxe.) Coupon expires August 31, 2007.


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While considering the purchase of TreeDraw, I would like to understand in what way is TreeDraw's charting capability better than what comes included as part of FamilyTreeMaker? I happen to own an earlier version of FTM. Would importing gedcoms into FTM and then using FTM's charting capability produce different or inferior charts to those TreeDraw can provide?

Is your soft ware, TreeDraw, support Chinese Characters (UTF-8)? Especially the circle charpt, and top-down charpt.
PhpGedview doen't fully support.
Peter Huang

Can this chart be printed in a large format? How does one get that done? I want a large wall chart for family gatherings. Thanks.

Does Tree Draw have the ability to create an
a) All-In-One Chart similar to Genbox? All members in the gedcom file.
b) Bloodline Chart?

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