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Legacy Add-On - GENViewer - Discount Offer

GENViewer for Legacy is now available to download from our online store for $19.95 (Legacy Deluxe edition customers can receive an additional 15% off. See below for details.).

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This exciting add-on program is an excellent tool to help you with your research. GENViewer for Legacy adds new ways to search, sort, analyze, and print your Legacy family file.

Genviewer GenViewer searches your files

With GENViewer's powerful File Search capabilities, you can simultaneously search multiple files for individuals or find that critical piece of information you need.

Simply select your search criteria and click Find. GENViewer will look for the information in every Legacy family file or GEDCOM file on your hard drive or data folder! No more examining files one a time! This labor-saving feature is enough to make GENViewer a great value; but hold on -- there's more!

GENViewer provides more views of your data

GENViewer's intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces provide nine different views of your genealogy information: General, Individual, Family, Pedigree, Descendants, List, Highlighted, Islands, and Sources. Your information is just one click away.

Most views of your data can be copied to the clipboard with just a click of the mouse. You can then paste the family information right into an e-mail message, word processing document or another application! Reports can also be created in HTML and PDF format!

GENViewer analyzes your information

GENViewer is an incredible tool for analyzing your family information. Use GENViewer's highlighting tool to make information stand out in each of the views of your data. There are about 100 easy-to-use highlighting options. It's amazing what you can see using this highlighting tool.

GENViewer searches the web with a single click

And there's still more! You can also use GENViewer's Internet search to find information about your family on the Web. GENViewer's searches are a perfect compliment to the Internet searches done by Legacy. Why buy expensive CD's when much of that information is already available free at regularly updated Web sites? (No more gimmicky, out-of-date CD's!) When you find a Web page with information just right click on it and select Print from the popup menu!

GENViewer helps share your information

GENViewer can create a self-viewing executable from a GEDCOM file that will display your genealogical information when run. This file can be e-mailed as an attachment or placed on a Web site for downloading. This special file can also be saved to floppy, zip disk or flash drive or burned to CD and run on any Windows computer. The special file will not expire and can be viewed as many times as wanted. This special version of GENViewer is NOT installed on the viewing computer. No information is left on the computer when finished viewing the information. This is a truly unique and efficient way to share your genealogy with people who don't own a genealogy program but who have a computer.

GENViewer previews GEDCOMs before importing into Legacy

Use GENViewer to quickly examine and clean up all of those GEDCOM files that are cluttering your computer. Its speed and versatility makes it ideal for previewing GEDCOM files before taking the time and effort of importing them into Legacy. GENViewer's speed ranges from 10,000 to 20,000 individuals per second on some computers. GENViewer has been tested reading a GEDCOM file containing 1.3 million individuals and 500,000 families: it took about two minutes to load! (The limit for a GEDCOM file is 2 GB.)

Because GENViewer uses existing Legacy files and GEDCOMs, it doesn't create extra files that fill up your hard drive. This is a great space-saving feature. Furthermore, GENViewer is a read only application: it doesn't change or modify any files so users don't have to worry about changing any information.

A Sampling of Comments from GENViewer Users

  • "GENViewer is one of the 'must have' tools for any genealogical researcher." - Lee
  • " ... ridiculously makes importing GEDCOMs into my database so much easier. Thanks for a wonderful product"
  • "I was amazed at the speed . . . easy to use." - Dick Eastman
  • "Thanks for a great product. It is EXACTLY what I have been looking for." - Robyn

How to Purchase

GENViewer is available from our online store for just $19.95. If you are a Legacy Deluxe edition customer, you can save an additional 15% off by using the coupon code found in the Legacy News section of the Legacy Home tab within Legacy Deluxe. (The coupon is only visible if you have the latest update of the Legacy Deluxe edition. Discount expires October 21.)

Purchase GenViewer


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Can GenViewer be installed on a flashdrive?

I am changing my information from windows 98 to windows XP computer and will this information run on my system to help switch over my files.

There shouldn't any reason why you can't copy GENViewer to a flash drive.

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