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How to create a 2008 birthday/anniversary calendar using Legacy Family Tree

With the new year approaching, why not resolve to be a better relative by remembering family birthdays and anniversaries? Two features of Legacy Family Tree makes this easy to do:

  • Legacy's birthday and anniversary reminders described here.
  • Legacy's Calendar Creator.

Legacy can create a birthday calendar, an anniversary calendar, or a combination of the two. There are options to include a cover picture, picture pages above each calendar month, and complete control over color, layout, shadows, fonts, page size, and more. The calendars can be blank or include the birthdates and anniversaries of the people already entered in your family file.

That's right! Because the information (birthdays and anniversaries) is already in your Legacy family file, Legacy will automatically add this to the calendar pages. With the who to include options, you can customize the calendar so only certain family lines are included. You even have the option to skip the anniversaries of divorced couples.

Get Started

To begin, make sure that you have installed Legacy Family Tree Deluxe Edition, available here. Then follow these steps:

  1. With Legacy open, click on the Reports icon in the main toolbar.
  2. Click on the Books/Other tab, and click on the Calendar Creator button.
  3. Using the options on the six tabs, customize the calendar to your preferences.
  4. Print, and enjoy being the person in your family that never misses a birthday or anniversary!

Click on the picture below for an example:



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This a great idea for Christmas. We are lucky in that in our family (living members) we have one person born in each month. So of course, they are the "Star of the Day" (or Month really).

But I have a problem. The report created an ".rp0" not extension ".pdf" file. How can I share with family who don't (yet) have Legacy?


It sounds like you clicked on the "Save" button, which saves the report settings - it doesn't create a report.

To create the pdf file, you need to select that option at the very bottom of the right side of the Calendar Creator options - just underneath the little calendar icon.

For more help with this report, please click on the context-sensitive Help button in the Calendar Creator window.


You can save the option settings you have selected for a calendar by clicking the Save button. This creates an ".rp0" file that can later be reloaded using the Load button.

To create a ".pdf" file to share with others, select the "PDF File" option in the lower-right corner of the window and then click the Create button. After prompting you for a file name, Legacy will then create a standard PDF file that you can send to your family.

I made a calendar for my Mom a couple years ago and she loved it, she being the one in the family who always sends birthday cards.

However, lately I've found another use for this feature. I went through my database marking the birthday reminder for anyone still living. I now use this as a reminder to update my research on their related family. With over 7,000 people in my database the more distant cousins tend to get lost. This way I have a reminder to check up on them occasionally and get to know them better.

I love the calendar creation feature BUT how do I make it show MY wedding anniversary date??? It shows all my tagged siblings, children, grandchildren, etc. but I can't make it show our anniversary even though I have both of us tagged and our marriage date tagged. What step did I miss??

I love the calendar feature. However, it would be perfect if it could include holidays. Is there any way to do this? If not, could this be considered as a feature in future releases?

Good idea Shelly. We'll add it to the list....

The calendars are hit with family. I personalize the calendar to the person who is getting it. I create individual family files and name them *** calendar and then can create the same custom calendar next year. This makes it easy to add unrelated birthdays & anniveraries,and pets if you desire. If you have a February 29 date a month and year without a day, it appears on the last line of the calendar. When there is no space for this information I would like it to move to the top line of thr calendar. When an overflo page is made the print range feature will not work properly.

Great feature in Legacy. I have used it now for several Years. Especially for those in the family who always sends birthday cards. Very much appreciated.

Last year I made a PDF of the Calendar before printing?

Why? I have several females who have a different surname and in the PDF-version of the Calendar it is easy to make tailor made changes

I make a focus group and create a new family for each custom calendar I make. I use name like "Armstrong Calendar" to identify the group as a canlendar grp. Add an new individual "New Years Day" and give it a birth. Remember next year to change the birth on holidays that move. I only have to bring up the group make a few changes, and change the pictures each year. I have several calendars saved in this way. Remember that these groups are created for making calendars only so you can include pets birthday if you want.

I was wondering if there are any plans to add other "memorable dates" to the options for the calendars? I send a monthly birthday and anniversary calendar to many of my relatives, and the one question I get is "Can you include the dates when people died?" Is there any possibility that this could be added or a way to create a report with these dates?

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