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Legacy Tip: Searching by Age

Question from Michele,

Is there some way to search by age? Let's say I want to search for everyone in my file that is still marked as living that is age 70 or older (to help me come up with a list of persons I need to check whether or not they are still living).

Good question Michele. Follow these step-by-step instructions to create such a list.

  1. Click on the Search icon in the main toolbar, then click on the Detailed Search tab.
  2. Add the following conditions, and click on the Create List button.


The resulting list will contain everyone in your file that is both marked as living, and was born more than 69 years ago.


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Great tip. I was not aware of this and when I searched I found quite some people in my family tree who were not living any more

This is just what I needed to know how to do too. In my case, I was looking for people aged in their 90's, both to tidy up my tree if they had passed away, and to celebrate their longevity if they are still alive. Thanks!

I wanted to have a way to find anyone who served during any war, so I hope this will be the way.

I want to send an email to all my living cousins and ask them for personal history information to update my files...... education, work history or profession and a little extra on main hobbies and volunteer work.

My goal is to pass on to my grandkids generation a CD so they can track down family if they want to.

I would like to send my message in a format (or way) that I can quickly update their personal histroy information from their return message. Hopefully if done right wtih one click....... probably end up cut and paste anyway anyone been down this road?? IDEAS thanks, Jocko University Place WA

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