Was your family tradition written up in the newspaper too?
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This is fun. We must have some humor in our legacy and Life. We can not live without it.

My favourite tombstone humour is "Told You I Was Sick"

My favourite with genealogical overtones:

Here lies the body of Jonathan Pound
Who was lost at sea and never found.

Two of my favorites:

"Here lies the body of Windy Bill;
He once lied loud, he now lies still."

"He called Bill Smith a liar."

Tombstone Humour:

Ref; I told you I was Ill.

Well known Irish comic and comiedan,Spike Milligan. Wished to have this epitaph placed on his Headstone when he died. But the City of London would not allow him.
So he had It written In Irish. "Duirt me leat go raibh me breoite", You cant beat the Irish.

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