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Building a case when no record "proves" a point

The problem is common. We search for months or years for certain badly needed information-proof of parentage, perhaps. No record explicitly states what we need. Yet everything convinces us that such-and-such has to be. Is that good enough?

It depends.

In genealogy, the ideal record often does not exist. To solve that problem, we have two options:

  • we find a reliable alternative that does state the needed data.
  • we build a case from bits and pieces of other evidence.

Whether or not that case is solid depends upon two things:

  • the quality of our research and analysis (our construction methods).
  • the quality of our evidence (our construction materials).

Continue reading the entire article by Elizabeth Shown Mills by clicking here. Elizabeth is the author of the new Evidence Explained: Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace.


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Yes we do need a reliable "data Needed" solution to Badly needed information proof.other than the "To-do-list" .......Build one into Legacy eh

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