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Legacy Charting Tip - How To Choose A Different Theme

Legacy Charting comes with a variety of different themes that you can apply to your chart. Each of the 18 different styles of charts can have a different look and feel by selecting a different theme.

A theme is composed of colors, box styles, backgrounds, page borders, box content, sizing, and more.

For example, the default theme for the standard Descendant chart looks like:


(click on image for larger view)

How to Choose a Different Theme

  1. Click on the Appearance tab.
  2. Click on the Themes button.
  3. Double-click on one of the Chart Themes.

Selecting the Mug Shot theme, the chart now looks like:


Now, add a background to the chart:

  1. On the Appearance tab, click on the Background button.
  2. Click on Select image.
  3. Locate any digital image on your computer, click Open, and adjust the transparency.

The resulting chart looks like:


It's never been easier to "show off" your family!

Download Legacy Charting

If you have not yet download the free pre-release edition of Legacy Charting, visit www.LegacyCharting.com.


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Wonderful. Thank you very much.

I do not want to search or browse or what else. I only will start a new chart that never excist. How can I start??? Thanks.

Sjef, you will need to first enter your information in a genealogy computer program, such as Legacy Family Tree. Visit www.LegacyFamilyTree.com to download it. Once you have information in it, then Legacy Charting will create the charts for you.

In Legacy I gather all information. For instance children of women not in the main tree or children of second husbands/wifes. In the chart I don't want to see them. Is it possible to delete people in the chart?

Jan, yes this is possible. You'll first need to mark those people as "private" in Legacy. This is done from the Individual's Information screen, using the private checkmark in the lower right. Then, in Legacy Charting, just select the privacy setting on the Home tab.

I never thought I would need to create a chart.
Now with Legacy Charting I will be looking for reasons to create charts. I find the program very intuitive.

I want to insert a legacy chart into an MS Word document. I have tried all the publish options - but none of them allow me to insert into Word. Can I do this?

With this new Legacy Charting available,should I
have any further need for the Legacy Charting Companion-that excellent program,available as an add-on for Legacy v6?.
Will the Charting Companion continue to function,later on,once Legacy v.7 is installed?

Dick, just export to any of the image formats (jpg, bmp, etc.). Word will allow you to then insert an image.

José - yes, Legacy Charting Companion will continue to be available. It is published by ProgenyGenealogy.com.

Hello. I have just downloaded the Chart program for Legacy 7.0. There are many nice features, however I miss a way to show all the people in my data bank, and also a way to show people who are not blod related; plus a way to show all the wifes/husbands (including the children of each marriage)to one person in the same chart. Is that a possibility or have I missed it? If not I would appreciate if this could be included before I upgrate to the 7.0 version.

I want to make a large chart and I notice that many of the boxes appear over a page break. Is there an automatic way to avoid the page breaks?

I too have only recently downloaded Legacy Charting v7.0 to see if it included the very features mentioned by Tim Gullaksen as my wife and I miss this feature from Generations days. I had asked many times before to the Legacy guys to include this in the past with no success. Lets hope they reconsider. By the way the product looks great. Well done.

I have the old Legacy Charting Program but I want to do a wall chart on a plotter with the new program. Can I upgrade now?

My family tree contains over 6500 people who are blood related as well as not blood related. How do I show all these people on a chart and how do I print out every member of this tree? Do I have to find out every branch and sub- branch of this tree and seperately fitted into a chart and print out seperately?

A back and undo button would help as I can only go forward through the process and have to restart (including loading the file) to make changes

How do I publish a large tree to mutiple A4 pages

Is it possible to save each page of a multipage chart individually into a Microsoft Word document?

I have used Legacy for a few years - after being a FTM user for many years before that. My original intention was to remove FTM from my computer and use Legacy only. Legacy, as good as it is, has in my opinion, always been weak in charting.
Fast-foward to March 2008 and Legacy releases its Legacy Charting program, free until June, at which time I understand it will be included with Legacy 7. I thought that at last I could rid myself of FTM. But that wasn't to be. Legacy Charting is a great program if you are into wall charts, and I am not. Therefore it still means that I will have to use FTM (my current version is 16) if I want some really good charts.
I truly hope that when Legacy 7 is released, and yes I will buy it, that is has more new features to offer than the Charting program.

Rod, Legacy Charting is just one of the many new features to come in version 7....

Thank you for prereleasing Legacy Charting. It looks like another fine addition to the Legacy family. Question: I would really like to insert small symbols in the individual boxes on a generational chart. For example, I would like to put military branch symbols for those in my family who served during wartime, or religious or professional symbols, etc. Is there any way I can insert text or images directly into individual boxes? Thank you.

Trisha, not yet but it's on the list. You can insert graphics and text currently by using the Insert tab.

Michael, the all-in-one chart is not yet available, but it's high on the list...

LaRae, ordering wall charts from within Legacy Charting will be available in a soon-to-be-released update.

I like the functionality of Legacy Charting Deluxe particularly how you can move individuals around so easily. It would be nice to have more than 4 colors for generations and the ability to use AKA for the name.

Legacy Charting looks fabulous! The 2007 interface is so intuitive! I use Legacy as my main genealogy database program, - having also 'auditioned' a number of other genealogy programs. The only other gene program that has not been deleted from my hard disk is GenBox, and that is because it has the facility to print Convergent Charts. These are so useful to illustrate a connection when a new cousin is discovered.

Could this feature be included in Legacy Charting, and thus free up some more space on my hard disk?

Have downloaded the Legacy charting program and think its fantastic. I have a family reunion coming up in May and when I saw this free preview of charting I was ecstatic. It will save me heaps of time writing up all the names. To be able to just download the tree then print the chart is the best yet.
Thank you Legacy for your wonderful program. I tried out some other programs but always came back to Legacy. So far I have introduced a lot of my friends to it and they too are pleased with the versatility and ease of use of the program.
Keep up the good work and a great big THANK YOU

Can I print up a chart on landscape. I believe that's the most popular?

It looks like people are submitting problems and desired features in response here, so I will add mine. The program does look pretty good.
1. I second the comments asking for an undo/backup button to avoid having to start over, as well as the option of avoiding splitting boxes on a page boundary.
2. A bigger issue for me is that names do not have the option of including the prefix and suffix in the name display. I have a lot of people for whom titles and suffixes are important in identifying which of many with the same name is referred to.
3. It would seem that there is no way to save preferences. Every time I start the program, I have to reselect the fields and appearance parameters anew.
4. Related to 3, If I spot an error and need to make a correction in the file, I have to reload the file and start the whole process over. It seems that there is no way to simply refresh the current file, using all of the currently selected parameters.
5. It seems that there is no way to store a limited list of files. I either have to list all of the hundreds of gedcoms I've downloaded over the years, and all my obsolete and backup copies, or I have to manually step through the directory to find the file I need. Since in fact there are only a half dozen files I am likely to ever make a chart from, it would be nice to be able to save the list of files I have selected (or to have a tag select box that allows you to hide most of the files in the master list created by searching the computer as you have on the Source List).

The charting beta looks very promising. I like it and plan on using it. However, try as I may, I can't change the date format. The help file is little help and no matter what I try the 'DATE' tab never shows. Thanks

Victor, date formats are coming soon....

Have just started to "play" with this software and it appears terific. The one thing that I would like to see is a way of preventing chart boxes crossing page boundaries as this would make wall chart production (pasting together) considerably easier when printing multiple page charts. Still playing with it.

I saw that is possible to choose colors by descendancy but there ar only 4 colours available. I´d like to know if is it possible to choose the colors for each descendancy?
Thank you

Hi, I'm having trouble with the print outs, where the boxes cut across the page breaks i am losing about half the box. manualy moving the information boxes doesn't help i still lose half the box. Am i doing something wrong or have i found a bug?

Shirley, one of the new options that is not yet released will allow you to not split the boxes on page breaks. So watch for this in one of the future updates.

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