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Legacy Charting Pre-Release Edition Now Available For Free Download


New family tree charting software now available for download. Create ancestor charts, descendant charts, mother’s trees, father’s trees, fan charts, hourglass charts, bow tie charts, and DNA charts.

Download at: http://www.LegacyCharting.com

BoxSurprise, AZ – March 4, 2008 – All genealogists are invited to take a free test drive of the newest wall chart software. Compatible with Family Tree Maker, Personal Ancestral File (PAF), Legacy Family Tree, RootsMagic, and GEDCOM files, Legacy Charting takes publishing your family tree to a new level.

Developed by the makers of the popular software, Legacy Family Tree, Legacy Charting adds new ways of seeing and printing your family relationships. Legacy Charting will be one of the new features with the soon-to-be-released Legacy Family Tree version 7, but until June 15, 2008, this special pre-release edition of Legacy Charting is freely available to everyone.

“Visualizing and printing large-scale family tree charts is something that all genealogists can appreciate,” says Millennia Corporation President, David Berdan. “These charts even get the non-genealogists of the family interested in learning about their heritage. Legacy Charting creates amazing charts, is incredibly flexible, and so easy to use. I believe it is the first genealogy software to create large-scale DNA charts to help DNA researchers. We invite everyone to take the pre-release for a test drive.”

Sample Charts
To see what the charts look like, visit www.LegacyCharting.com/samples.htm.

Key Features:

  • Creates 18 different types of family charts
  • All charts are easily customizable
  • Choose the number of generations to be displayed
  • Select the contents of each box
  • Pick from a variety of color themes, including the popular 4-color coding system
  • Select from a variety of beautiful backgrounds and page borders
  • Insert your own pictures and clipart
  • Easily email any chart to family members
  • Export to .pdf, .bmp, .jpg, .png, .tiff, .psd
  • Order a wall chart and have it delivered to your front door
  • Includes a thorough help reference system for easy reference

System Requirements:
Windows 98 or higher (including Vista); 20mb free hard disk space; 256mb RAM

FREE for the pre-release edition

Download now:

Millennia Corporation, based in Surprise, Arizona, is the producer of Legacy Family Tree and other software products.

E-mail: [email protected]

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Fantastic.....we have waited a long time for this.My printer will be working overtime. The scan has found trees on my PC that I had long forgot!

I am looking forward to being able to do a all in one family tree for my family! This great

The charting program is very good. Features I would like to see for descendent and hourglass charts include: 1) the use of custom facts, 2) different colors and fonts for different facts, 3) and the ability to have boxes not split onto two pages. I am new to using this software, so I may have missed finding these features.

Fantastic piece of software... I am using allready some time Legacy 6 Deluxe and if this is a preview of the future (Legacy 7) then surely we will buy the next version. Well done and hopefully the new version will be on the market very soon.

FANTASTIC!!! Great, still looking and printing and looking and printing ALL the family trees and they LOOK GREAT!!

My chart has duplicate family members because cousins married each other. Is there a way to prevent the duplicates being charted?

I've so far been using a combination of Genelines Universal edition (for its Fan chars and Timelines), Legacy Charting Companion (for its ancestor view) and FTM (for its 'Upward Ancestor' view). I've really been waiting for one comprehensive charting package, and this has the potential do do it all! One or two points however. I cannot as the help file suggests go to the home tab and find there a 'page setup' - which, since I use an A3 printer - I need. Is it just well disguised? And now a suggestion for improvement. 'Upward ancestor' is our standard display; however it is much more efficient if once one has gone back about 3 generations, the boxes can be turned vertical - otherwise far too much space is used horizontally. How about it, developers? However, well, done - a great product!

Brilliant program well done. Can it be embedded in Legacy? why are not all individuals displayed chronologically? Again a almost 100%

Alastair, click on the round chart button in the far upper left. This is where the Page Setup is located. I'll look into the help file to see if it needs to be updated for this.

Lyn, there will be in a future update.

Een perfect stukje software, precies waarop ik zat te wachten. Bravo Legacy

[Translation from Google: A perfect piece of software, exactly where I was waiting. Bravo Legacy]

Brilliant program which seems to have nearly everything needed. One change I would like to see is to be able to display BMD dates both with and without place names. Any chance or have I missed something?

John Willis - this can already be done. Click on the Appearance tab. Click on Box Items. Add Birth date/location to the Items to Display and then in the Item Options, choose "Date only".

So far what a great program I am considering updating to Legacy 7 just for this. I have the same question as Julie. Cousins married in several generations and I finish up with my oldest ancestor appearing 5 times across the top. Can this be changed or suppressed? Is there any way of selecting individuals to be included which the program does not include. For instance second wives in the upward ancestor chart?

The charts are overall quite wonderful, but there's a problem with the Y DNA chart because of adoptions. My grandson, who's adopted, does not carry the same Y chromosome that my son and I carry. There should be a way to indicate that there is no biological relationship on the chart. Legacy lets you set a child's adoptive status and I think Legacy Charting should pick up on that.

I am new to Legacy trying to migrate from family tree maker. In FTM you can create a descendant chart that is in notebook rather that wallpaper format. Have been searching the 6.0 deluxe version for this option w/o any luck. Was in hopes that a notebook version was in Legacy Charting but I don't think it is present. A feature that would be nice is to have the ability to place a wedding portrait between the husband and wife on the chart and be able to place child pictures of that family and then place Adult pictures for the children when their family appears (along with the their wedding portrait). Please let me know if I can get any notebook chart format out of legacy.

I would like to see an "update" button. Say I like the way I have a certain chart, but I have added or updated pictures or information, that I want it to bring into the the existing chart without starting over. Am anxiously waiting the 7.0 release.


There is no "update" button yet. To update a chart with changed information, please do the following:
1) Click on the Box Items button in the Appearance tab
2) Don't change anything -> just click the OK button
This will update the chart information.

Excellent! Thank you very much for making this available to everyone. Is there an "all-in-one" option? I am unable to find it. That feauture would allow me to finally let go of my ancient version of FTM...

I've been playing with this today and have a few suggestions:

1. I would like to be able to see which file I'm charting. I choose a file on the first screen then have no way to keep track of which one I'm working with.

2. I want to be able to include thumbnail photos in a privatized chart.

3. I would like some way to indicate out of wedlock, step, or adopted relationships on the charts (e.g. dotted or dashed lines).

4. Are there any plans to include a combination bowtie/descendancy chart -- a family hourglass?

5. In Progeny's Charting Companion, I can resize the chart and keep trying until it will fit in specific dimensions. This is very handy; most people will prefer 90% on one page rather than having to deal with 100% on 2 pages and I'd like to see that here too.

6. "Continued" charts. As someone else mentioned, the book layout in FTM allows you to create a chart with built-in "continuation" points. I wouldn't know where to begin to modify the 32 page Legacy chart to accomplish the same thing.

I love your Legacy charting. I am wondering however if it is possible to change the orientation of the page, before printing, so I can fit more on a landscape page than portrait? Thanks for that - Gwen

Very well done! They are great hour glass and mother/father charts.

At last we have some charting options worthy of Legacy!

I have been using Progeny’s Charting Companion for Legacy and although it has some very good features it does have some bugs. If the new Legacy Charting could have all the good features of Charting Companion and some extra that would be marvellous.

Here is my list of suggestions:

1) Cousin smart as in Charting Companion. If a person has descendants in more than one line their box is hatched rather than solid and their ancestors are included only once.

2) Name of person who generated the chart and date so that we know which version is which. I suppose we could put this in a box but it would be a nice feature especially on working charts.

3) Occupation of each person

4) The ability to use the short Location name for each place. There isn’t enough room on most charts for the full place name and the short location feature is already present in Legacy.

5) For more recent people I have exact dates of birth and death but for generations further back we only have christenings and burials. Burials are usually near death dates but christenings aren’t necessarily so. I would like a feature similar to the BIRTH OR CHRISTENING and DEATH OR BURIAL slot which we have already in ‘customize’ for the front screen for each person. The chart will then extract birth & death if we have them but christening and burial if we don’t. All four dates are too much for the majority of charts.

6) The ability to scale the charts as in Charting Companion. Already mentioned above

7) The ability to not have a box split over two pages as mentioned above.

Gwen - yes, you can change the page orientation by using the Page Setup. It is found by clicking on the round charting button in the far upper left of Legacy Charting.

Job well done Geoff and the team .... I have been eagerly awaiting the release of Legacy 7 for what seems like an age, and with the pre-release of this charting facility with an end date of June it would seem that the wait is close to being over. And if functionality of Legacy Charting is anything to go by, Legacy 7 is going to be an absolute cracker, and well worth the wait.

With all my ancestry being in Germany, I also would like to use short place names on the charts. I'm very pleased with my cursory look at this new charting device. Kudos for Legacy!

I just began to play with your new charting program and I like what I see. However, please consider a future enhancement that would shift boxes which are split over two pages to the next page. This would eliminate having to trim the left or right edge from each page. This is a real program when I print my family chart for our annual reunion. It usually 100+ pages.

A great result and definitely makes Legacy 7 a "must".

You are already getting lots of suggestions so here are another 2 for possible future inclusion.

The first is the cousin smart issue. While not always a solution, it is possible to rearrange the chart so that the double entries can be overlaid, one over the other. However this is a little messy so would it be possible to manually rearrange the chart (as can already be done) draw in the necessary linking lines and delete the doubled up individuals. This is currently possible with another associated Legacy application, Tree Draw.

The second suggestion is to allow the double line marriage link to be moved up to be level with the names. If boxes are used the appearance is OK but if a "no-box" option is implemented and there is little detail available, the marriage link appears well below the names and looks lost.

Carole asks for birth or Christening, death or burial which I second. However she says you can do this on the front screens in legacy now something I have not found and very much wish to use. Where is it please?

Actually it is me, Tricia, who asked for Births or Christenings etc, not Carole! The name of the sender does look as though it belongs to the next e-mail doesn't it.

Under the name you have a list of facts to display. I can't think what the default is but they include birth, death etc.

Click on that list and you should get customize. Go to help and it will tell you what to do. I have Aka, Birth/Christening, Death/burial, Age at death and Occupation (From your Event List)

I think the default included Cause of death which is something I don't want to see every time, too morbid.

You can then save your settings. If you want you can have several different combinations and load them as you need them.

Hope this helps


Is there a way in the charets to only have your direct lines rather than the full chart will all ancestors and or descendants?

I've started comparing charts made in Legacy Charting and the same chart made in Charting Companion.

Further thoughts on the Birth/Christening and Death/Burial issue.

When I make a 'mugshot' chart (and others) in LC the lifespan dates are not picking up the info for the people who only have christenings and burial.

Charting Companion has a box to tick under Preferences/Options. It says 'substitute Christening and burial'.

I then get a very nice chart with b + date for birth
or c + date for christening etc

I have tried other programmes, none of which had this option so I've always stayed with Charting Companion because it can cope with the different kinds of data we have in different centuries.


Thanks for new charting program. So it looks good. Have only been playing with it for a very short while but have an idea/question. How do I stop boxes from splitting over 2 pages? Where can I adjust the chart to fit the page cleanly? Looking forward to Legacy 7. Thanks.

Sorry my last message got sent before I had finished it. I would like to display Legacy "short Location" names. This would be useful to get more information onto a chart. It would also be very useful to have another way of excluding indivduals from a chart, other than marking them as "private". Perhaps you should be able to delete individuals, or if that is not possible then be able to include "tagged" individuals. Thanks a lot. David Crisp

I welcome the addition of the charting program to Legacy and will upgrade when version 7 comes out. However.....when I tried to chart my family tree, the displayed chart did not display name prefixes (like Gen., Pres, etc) and suffixes (like Jr., II, etc). Am I doing something wrong, or is there a glitch in the program? I had the same problem in uploading gedcom files to ancestry.com and could never solve that.

Tom, the name prefixes and suffixes are not yet in there. They will be included in a near-future update.

Very good made. Will be good if in the Box items we could add somethings more. For example OCCUPATION. Sincerely yours V. Hristic

Prue, this option is yet-to-come. We've had many requests for it, so it's high on the list....

1) Line formatting
On the Descendant Chart, a single line for a child of parents connects to their marriage double line. But in my case of a husband with children by two wives, the lines connects to the mother. I'd like to see the lines connect to the marrige double line as it does with the other marriages.

2) Bow tie charts
I'd like to see a bow tie version combining Ancestor and Descendant charts, so that the subject person is centered, with # generations of ancestors above and then # generations of descendants below.

3) TreeDraw allows you to delete an individual from a chart. I'd like this option in Legacy Charting, including the one step deletion (with confirmation popup) of a branch connected to the individual being deleted.

This is the first time I have used any charting program,it is so wonderful to see how it comes together in the family.

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