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Legacy Charting Pre-Release Edition Now Available For Free Download


New family tree charting software now available for download. Create ancestor charts, descendant charts, mother’s trees, father’s trees, fan charts, hourglass charts, bow tie charts, and DNA charts.

Download at: http://www.LegacyCharting.com

BoxSurprise, AZ – March 4, 2008 – All genealogists are invited to take a free test drive of the newest wall chart software. Compatible with Family Tree Maker, Personal Ancestral File (PAF), Legacy Family Tree, RootsMagic, and GEDCOM files, Legacy Charting takes publishing your family tree to a new level.

Developed by the makers of the popular software, Legacy Family Tree, Legacy Charting adds new ways of seeing and printing your family relationships. Legacy Charting will be one of the new features with the soon-to-be-released Legacy Family Tree version 7, but until June 15, 2008, this special pre-release edition of Legacy Charting is freely available to everyone.

“Visualizing and printing large-scale family tree charts is something that all genealogists can appreciate,” says Millennia Corporation President, David Berdan. “These charts even get the non-genealogists of the family interested in learning about their heritage. Legacy Charting creates amazing charts, is incredibly flexible, and so easy to use. I believe it is the first genealogy software to create large-scale DNA charts to help DNA researchers. We invite everyone to take the pre-release for a test drive.”

Sample Charts
To see what the charts look like, visit www.LegacyCharting.com/samples.htm.

Key Features:

  • Creates 18 different types of family charts
  • All charts are easily customizable
  • Choose the number of generations to be displayed
  • Select the contents of each box
  • Pick from a variety of color themes, including the popular 4-color coding system
  • Select from a variety of beautiful backgrounds and page borders
  • Insert your own pictures and clipart
  • Easily email any chart to family members
  • Export to .pdf, .bmp, .jpg, .png, .tiff, .psd
  • Order a wall chart and have it delivered to your front door
  • Includes a thorough help reference system for easy reference

System Requirements:
Windows 98 or higher (including Vista); 20mb free hard disk space; 256mb RAM

FREE for the pre-release edition

Download now:

Millennia Corporation, based in Surprise, Arizona, is the producer of Legacy Family Tree and other software products.

E-mail: info@LegacyFamilyTree.com

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Legacy charting deluxe looks to be excellent and a major improvement. Three inclusions I would like to see are (1) Chart all persons in the database (2) Add siblings and/or family of siblings to any person in the chart (3) Choose a different marriage line type for a particular couple. e.g when de facto.

Please add a "print preview" capability

Don't know if this has been asked yet:

Would it be possible to have the relationship field (from the Set Relationships tool) for each individual included in the chart?

Any support for the new Family Tree Maker 2008?

Wanda, currently it only supports pre-FTM 2008 files. You could, however, create a GEDCOM from it and it would work just fine.

Gary, good idea. We'll add it to our list.

Can you create charts of A3 size? I can't on my test version, but I am not sure if this is because of my printer or the software.

Would it be possible to have an hourglass chart centred around a couple instead of an individual.

I'd like to have a chart with myself, my husband, our children and BOTH of our ancestors, not just mine.

Geoff, Luc, and helpful user group --

I echo all the others in the congratulations on a well-made product!
All of the following were previously suggested, but in case you're counting votes to prioritize future enhancements, then in no particular order:
-- ability to delete individuals or branches on the fly would be much faster than marking (then later unmarking) unwanted individuals as private. An alternative (or another option) would be the ability to chart a Focus Group.
-- ability to add free-form comments in a box
-- automatically sliding a split box to the next page, though this can be done manually
-- ability to format selected lines and boxes to highlight particular relationships (more than just direct line)
-- ability for all-in-one charting, inclusion of siblings in ancestor/other charts (Susie, you could then fake your couple hourglass by selecting one of your children.)
-- ability to resize to fit selected number of pages
I think I just summarized 80% of the recommendations - laugh! Really, fine job, folks.

Tried to customize the look of a chart by using the drag tools. I like to organize the family members into groups for easy identification. First thing I notice is that you need to add a working background grid and a snap to grid function to the drag tool. Also when printing a multiple page chart you need to add a little overlap to the image on each page ( about .1 in ) so that it makes it easier to trim and tape the pages together. Another useful printing option would be 'prevent boxes from crossing page boundaries'.

So what about the short location function in legacy charting? When will it come?

I don´t believe it will ever come (short location)!

Great charting tool. Biggest improvement I am still waiting for (compared with Legacy Charting companion), add: the left-to-right Descendancy chart!!!!!

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