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Missouri Death Certificates, 1910-1957 now online and free

This morning as I located yet another death certificate for a relative at the Arizona Genealogy Birth and Death Certificates site I thought to myself, "why don't all agencies digitize and publish their vital records online like Arizona has done?" Imagine my excitement when I read the Ozarks Genealogical Society's article entitled "Missouri Death Certificates Now Online".

According to the article, "over 600 students and volunteers from across the United States and other countries spent 32,810 hours preparing certificates for scanning and entering data into the index." The index, which is linked to the digitized images of the records, can be searched by first name and last name, county, and by year and month. Once a name is selected, a digitized image of the original certificate can be retrieved - at no cost.

If you have Missouri ancestors, this is a valuable new resource. We wrote about it back in April 2006 when the index was first published, but now to have the actual images too! A great day for genealogy!

Click here for the database.

How to search your database for potential Missouri deaths

You can search your Legacy Family Tree database to see if you have any relatives that may appear in this new Missouri database. Follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the Search button in the main toolbar, then click on the Detailed Search tab.
  2. Add the following criteria and click on Create List:



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Wow, this is wonderfull. I typed in my antcestry`s last name found more fo my people that I needed to find.

Thank you for this sharing this site. So far today I have 3 death certificates, and I have only just begun to go through my 50 or so people that I am pretty sure died in Missouri. I have discovered parents, death dates, full birth dates, and causes of death. These are mostly by grandfather's sister's family, so far.

The Missouri death certificates has been fantastic for my research. It's helped me link families together and extend the families further then I normally would have. I love this site. I wish other state would/could do similar things.

It's great that Missouri has Death Certificates online, but they are in the .pdf format. Can we attache the original .pdf as part of the source or individual record?

David, with the new Legacy 7 you can attached .pdfs. Just click on the new File button in the Multimedia gallery.

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