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New Genealogy Magazine - Download the Free Preview Issue

MagazineDiscovering Family History is a brand new magazine dedicated to genealogy. In fact, it is the latest magazine from the publishers of Family Chronicle, Internet Genealogy, and History Magazine. This new bi-monthly magazine is targeted at people who are starting their genealogy, need a refresher course or are tackling a new aspect of genealogy.

Discovering Family History articles are being written by some of the most respected book and magazine authors and many of them have extensive experience of teaching genealogy courses, either face-to-face or online.

The free preview issue has an impressive Table of Contents:

  • First Things First: Genealogy news you can use!
  • A Few Fantastic Free Family History Websites
  • Let Obituaries Speak To You
  • What's Coming In Discovering Family History
  • The Ultimate Guide to Subscription Databases
  • Who Else Is Researching Your Name?
  • What Is A Vital Record?
  • Citing Sources
  • Case Study: Getting To Know Pap
  • Computing Basics
  • 10 First Steps
  • It's All About Parents
  • Genealogical Societies
  • Web 2.0
  • Making Sense of the US Census
  • It's Only Words

To download the free online preview edition, click here. (The file is approximately 1.6 megabytes. File download times will vary depending on connection speed.)

For more information, visit www.discoveringfamilyhistory.com.


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I've been experimenting with an "hourglass" chart for part of my family tree. For my purposes it is necessary to fit segments of the family tree on a single 8.5" by 11" sheet of paper in landscape orientation. Legacy charting lacks the following basic editing tools: 1. Ability to select a segment of a family tree. 2. Once a segment of a tree is selected, create a new single page chart with it. Legacy charting should auto scale the selected portion of the tree to fit, centered on a single page. 3. Ability to select two or more boxes, then "align" them (align top, align bottom, alight left, align right). 4. Ability to select two or more boxes, then "distribute" them (distribute horizontally, distribute vertically). Moving and arranging boxes is extremely tedious and time consuming without these editing features. If you want to see how these features typically work, check out the "Draw" menu in Microsoft Power Point.

Magazine looks great.

Great guns -- good stuff. Keep it coming

Yes, I would be interested in a mag. such as this. However the charge must remain reasonalbe.

A magazine like this would be useful but any chance of a UK edition?

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