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Special Pricing on WorldVitalRecords.com for Legacy Family Tree users

We have negotiated special prices on WorldVitalRecords.com for all Legacy Family Tree users. For the next 2 weeks (March 17-31st) you can sign up for membership on WorldVitalRecords.com for 2 years of the U.S. Collection for only $39.95 (Regular price is 1 year for $49.95) or one year of the World Membership for only $89 (Regular price is $149.95). 

WorldVitalRecords.com now has over 1 billion names online that will be very useful for your family history research. They have over 6,500 searchable databases and continue to add new databases each day.  WorldVitalRecords.com was recently recognized as one of the 10 most popular genealogy web sites. They have also received many awards for their ease of use and fast searching.

For UK researchers, they have the lowest-cost access to the UK census records.

For more information go to this web page: http://www.worldvitalrecords.com/legacyoffer/

If you have been considering subscribing to a web site to research your family history, this would be a great way to get started for a very low price. (This is a special offer just for Legacy Family Tree users, so please don't email it to others or blog about it.)

Top Reasons to Become a Member of World Vital Records

Exclusive Data from Everton Publishers – We provide exclusive data from Everton including over 200 issues of the Genealogical Helper Magazine (1946-2006). That is more than 40,000 pages of information to help you with your genealogy! We have also indexed more than 3.6 million names from Everton's pedigree files and family group sheets. Also included is access to the historic Everton Library, plus we add new data every month. This information is not available anywhere else online.

SmallTownPapers® Collection - Discover your ancestors like never before…the people, places and events as reported in real time in their local newspaper.  World Vital Records was selected to provide access to this archive of exclusive newspaper content, not available from any other genealogy source! This gives you access to a completely searchable digital archive that features small-town newspapers back to 1846. We currently offer nearly 1 million pages from this unique archive, and are adding more than 100,000 pages each month!

Quintin CDROM Library – Get access to more than 10,000 exclusive databases that would cost over $4000 if you purchased the CDs separately! These will be coming online over the next few months. These are valuable and hard-to-find materials from many different sources.

International Parish Register Collection – Your membership will include access to one of the largest collections of parish registers on the Web from many different countries, and we are adding more every day.

World Gazetteer Collection – Search for detailed information on more than 310,000 places around the world.

International Marriage Record Collection – Search through over 3 million marriages from all over the world.

Exclusive Content Added Daily - Your membership includes easy access to many databases that are not available anywhere else on the Internet. Our content acquisition team is constantly working to scan and index information from libraries and archives around the world. This data has never before been online including vital records, family histories, books, gazetteers and maps. We add new databases to the site every day!

Affordable Membership Cost – You get ALL THESE DATABASES for one low price. We are dedicated to providing the best genealogy and family history resources on the Web and we do it at a cost that ANYONE can afford. World Vital Records costs 75% less than other genealogy sites. Membership is just $2/month!

Get Your Discount Today!

Enroll with World Vital Records today and get a special discount to WorldVitalRecords.com because you are a Legacy Family Tree Software user. Just $39.95 for a TWO years of the U.S. Collection! Membership in World Vital Records provides many benefits including access to over 1 BILLION names including Everton's Online Library, our International Parish Register Collection and the Quintin CDROM library. Get access to premier data like Newspaper ARCHIVE, SmallTownPapers®, Accessible Archives, Find A Grave and much, much, more! Hurry because this special discount will end March 31, 2008.

Get 2 years for just $39.95 (Regular price is $49.95)
Get one year of the World Collection for just $89.95
(Regular price is $149.95)


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This is excellent news! I have GOT to speak with my husband about this when he gets home. Thanks so much for such a generous offer.

Is this only for new members or can existing members extend their membership?

Thank you

[See you all in CA at the end of the month in Fair Oaks]

I want to know what the source company is. I have this feeling that it is the same parent company for ancestry, rootsweb, and I don't have a clue what else. I hope I am wrong and that Legacy is smart enough not to jump in bed with this bunch and do something creative on its own.


Thanks for the question and for the opportunity to clarify who FamilyLink.com, Inc. and WorldVitalRecords.com are. FamilyLink.com, Inc. is the parent company that developed and maintains WorldVitalRecords.com, FamilyLink.com, and “We're Related” on Facebook. We were founded in 2006 and had our first subscriber sign up in October of 2006. Less than eighteen months later, we now have almost 30,000 paid subscribers on WorldVitalRecords.com; 60,000 members on FamilyLink.com; and over 3 million users on “We’re Related” on Facebook.

WorldVitalRecords.com is a genealogy database subscription site. We are the low cost choice for researchers that can’t afford the more expensive database sites in the industry. We are not part of Ancestry.com, in fact, we are competitors. Paul Allen, founded Ancestry.com but left that company in 2002. He, I, and several of us that founded FamilyLink.com, Inc. have previously worked at Ancestry.com.

WorldVitalRecords.com now has over 1 Billion records online, much of which is exclusive and can't be found anywhere else, and we are growing very rapidly. Our World Collection is the least expensive way to get access to the UK Census. We have partnered with over 30 companies and organizations to license their content for WorldVitalRecords.com. Our content partners include: AllCensus, Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Foundation, Find-A-Grave, Newspaper Archive, SmallTownPapers, Everton, FamilySearch, Quintin, Archives CD Books, Find My Past, British Origins, Godfrey Memorial Library, many genealogy societies, and too many more content partners to list here. We also lots of free databases that anyone can use including a currently licensed SSDI, newspapers, and other public domain data.

Another of our web sites is FamilyLink.com, which is a free social networking site for families and genealogists. We are innovative and try to provide the tools that families and genealogists need to share information and collaborate across the world. We have over 60,000 users on FamilyLink.com that are enthusiastic about sharing genealogy information.

“We’re Related” on Facebook is the leading social network application for connecting with your relatives on Facebook. Facebook is the fasting growing social network on the internet. Our “We’re Related” app had 1 million users install it in the first 29 days after we released it, which easily beat the previous growth record set by MyFamily.com. We now have over 3 million users and are among the most successful application of any kind on Facebook. We are now rolling that same functionality out to Bebo, Orkut, MySpace, Open Social, and the other popular social networks as well.

We are excited to do this promotion with great folks at Legacy. They have a great product which we sell on our site. I have known Ken and Geoff for a while and appreciate their contributions to our industry.

David Lifferth, President
FamilyLink.com, Inc.

Thank you Mr. Lifferth. However, the question was "what is the source"? I am an investor and also a person who does not want to pay twice for the same records, databases and software.
What or who is FamilyLink.com? In other words, who owns FamilyLink.com, Inc.? Is FamilyLink.com, Inc. a privately held corporation?


Thanks for the clarifying question.

FamilyLink.com, Inc. is a privately held corporation. Our company was founded by Paul Allen and a group of technologists and genealogists to meet a need that we did not feel was being properly addressed in the genealogy and family history market space. As a result, we are primarily owned by those of us who founded the company.

We have had a "Series A" round of funding which has allowed us to expand our social networking product offerings. Most of the funding came from 6 angel investors who are personal friends of Paul Allen who believe in his vision and what we are doing in the genealogy space.

We are not owned by TGN (The Generations Network) or Ancestry.com. TGN considers us to be competitors and will no longer allow us to buy advertising space on any of their sites.

While we do have some overlap with the databases on Ancestry, our analysis indicates that about 2/3 of our databases are not available on any other major genealogy database site. Some of our users consider us to be an add-on for their Ancestry membership, while others consider us to be a less expensive replacement for their Ancestry subscription.

I already have a subscription to Ancestry. It is worth it to get this as well or is there a lot of duplication?


Is the offer of world vital records special pricing package in NZ dollars or american dollars
Sue Foote

I am interested in UK, not USA, records. I looked at this offer related to the world records. It may be good value for USA users - but for UK users it talks a better game than it currently delivers!
Quote"Our World Collection is the least expensive way to get access to the UK Census." Alas only very partially true. Only 2 of the 7 census from 1841 to 1901 that a number of others eg Ancestry.com have on line.

England and Wales BMD indexes 1837 to 1983 - under 2 Million records in total. freebmd.rootsweb.com, for example, has 146.5 Million records indexed for the same period!

New Jersey Will Records are classified as World Records. I've sent an email asking why. It's probably just an error, but if it isn't, then goodbye to me.

Carol Y.

I have a subscription to WorldVitalRecords. I joined originally in Jan of 2007 for a 2 year for 1 subscription. To say I have been disappointed is an understatement!! I also feel that I have been thoroughly taken advantage of. The promises were for "World" records and here is a list of the upcoming databases promised:
Transcriptions of church records from Denmark
* Immigration records from Switzerland
* Vital statistics from Canada
* German land records
* Hungarian land records
* Vital statistics from England
* Scottish ancestry records
* Historical records from Ireland
I waited and waited for some of these databases to appear and finally contacted the company and was told to be patient by David Lifferth.
Eventually the promise of vital statistics from Canada disappeared and the only Canada census was the head of household index that can be found on our National Archives site.
Now this Jan, my account suddenly changed from a "World" Subscription to a "US" Subscription which contains all the databases up to that point, none of which is any use to me. I had never subscribed to any US collection. I complained to the company once again only to receive a form letter with all the hype that they issued to explain their change. To get the international databases that were promised in the beginning I have to PURCHASE another subscription.

In conclusion, I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND anyone buying a subscription to this WorldVitalRecords/FamiyLink Company. They may pull the same stunt again as time passes and you will be left high and dry with a worthless subscription. This is only my opinion but I am sure I am not the only who feels betrayed.

Sandra Chester

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