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Legacy Charting Tip: Hiding Branches

Question from Ian:

Is there a way to delete specified branches when printing a chart? This would allow certain families to be printed, but ignore those of little interest for that particular chart.

Answer from Millennia:

Yes Ian, this is certainly possible. But only if you are using Legacy Family Tree. Say you want to create a Descendant Chart in Legacy Charting where the starting couple has ten children. Suppose you only want to show the descendants of children 1-4. Follow these steps to suppress children 5-10 from the chart.

  1. In Legacy, open the Individual's Information screen for children 5-10. In the lower right, mark the child as being "Private". Click Save and repeat for each child.
  2. Launch Legacy Charting. On the Home tab, click on the Privacy Options button, and place a check mark next to "Suppress private individuals". (See image below.)


Your Descendant Chart will now only show the descendants of children 1-4. To again show all children, simply deselect the "Suppress private individuals" option.