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Legacy 7's Release - An Update

We want to update all of you on the status of Legacy 7's release. I, personally, finally have a few minutes to sit down and write this brief post. Like Ken mentioned in our last article, we've never had such an enormous response to the release of a new version of Legacy. The volume of orders required us to purchase many new computers and workstations, and hire about a dozen new people to help with order processing, email responses, telephone calls, and shipping. They've even needed my help!

Each morning I arrived at the office, at least 4 others had been there all night. They would continue to work throughout the next day, until we convinced them to at least take a nap. I'll just say that we've all experienced something we haven't experienced in a long time - the beautiful Arizona sunrise. Like Ken wrote, we thank all of you so much for supporting Millennia and our new Legacy 7.

Now, because of this success, we have been behind in responding to your emails and telephone calls. Here's where we are:

  • All free upgrade orders have either been mailed or emailed. If you qualified for the free upgrade, and you have not yet received the email with the installation/unlock instructions, the first place to check is in your email program's spam/junk folder. The majority of the customers we have communicated with eventually found the email there. If you have not yet done it, please add to your email program's approved list.
  • We are finally caught up with the voice mails you have left us. Thank you for your patience as we have worked down the list to call everyone back.
  • New orders are now back to our usual same/next day processing and shipping. Most are mailed via USPS priority mail.
  • We are not yet caught up with all of the emails. Last night we set up another workstation to help us get caught up. We hope to be caught up within the next few days.
  • Finally, make sure that when you place your order, that you double-check your email address. In numerous cases, the reason the customer has not received the email from us is because the email address we have on file is off by a letter or two.

If for some reason you feel that you haven't yet received a response to us, please send us an email to or give us a call at 1-800-753-3453 or 1-623-444-8918 (outside the USA). If we don't answer, please leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

We thank you again for everyone's patience and for the great feedback we've had with Legacy 7. Yes, we've learned a lot along the way, and know we still have room for improvement. We will continue to do our best to bring you great genealogy software.


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I want to thank you for your excellent efforts in updating an outstanding genealogy product to an even higher quality level.

I monitor the LegacyUG and was appalled at times with the childish behavior of some adults. You survived and displayed an extraordinary tolerance with those moments. Version7 is out and nothing unpleasant has occurred in my installation upgrade. There will be glitches and I know you will take care of those in good time as needed.

Thank you to all the hard working members of the Millenia team,

I ordered the download + mailed version(w/book) and received ALL very quick. Thank you!

This is the very best genealogy software and the new version 7 is super great. I have been telling my friends and family about it!

I have watched the demo 3+ dozen times (with special intrest of charting example). I like the "favorite" tool of the presenter the background option selection tree2, but my installation only has tree1 & tree3. How can I get tree2?

Your response would be appreciated.

Hello again. I haven't purchased 7 yet because I can't decide so I am going to pick your brain and heart a little if I may? I have had legacy since the 3 or 4 additon, used it just for the everyday keeping of records but I really didn't like the source stuff, it felt al little too much for me. I have purchased the training CDs some videos over the years and I have yet to put 6 on this new computer. I wrote and asked if I needed 6 on here before I got 7 and was told no, which was fine.
I am asking, what will make me want to use legacy again like I did way back with number 4, without all the complicated hoorah that has taken place with Legacy over the years. I don't mean to be rude if that's the way it seems, I would just like to have a program that is easy to use, makes sense to use and not having to turn around and purchase new this or that to enhance this or that program. All prejudice aside, is there a good reason why I should go with Legacy again? Is there any "trial" offer like there was with the charting program? Will I be able to make charts without paying for the new charting program? I know this is a nuisance but I am really needing some help here. Thank you. FYI I think PAF is pathetic if that gives you any insight.

Jo - You can download tree2 from

Thank you people!

I'm a happy camper! I got - at least - the one feature I was looking for.
The ability to link documents to individuals. And now I have no excuses for not citing my sources.
Install was a piece of cake. I didn't waste any time, I got the Deluxe version.

I was bracing up for a new look ala FTM2008. I'm glad that didn't happen.

"Guided by the Ancestors"

I installed Legacy 7.0 and was pleased by everything EXCEPT the set relationships. Before in Legacy 6.0 it would take only a few minutes, now after 45 minutes it still did not finish, I cancelled it. Why would it take so much longer now?

I have Legacy 7 installed and imported my PAF 4 data file. Everything working AOK, but have 2 questions.

1) My Legacy folder seem to have dupicate icons as well as icons for uninstalling versions 4, 5, 6. Is it possible to delete them without harming Legacy 7.

2) I have brought this up sometime ago but still applies currently. Importing my data from PAF, the notes in the new file word wrap and do not maintain their indented, paragraph, format, but they all come AOK when reports are printed. How can this be corrected.

In reponse to Patty, if I have the correct post from June 13, 2008:

I have Legacy Family Tree Deluxe 7.0, and really, really, do like it. The reasons are:

The telephone help from Millennia is awesome. I could tell the day I called earlier this week that they were swamped, because I had never called before and had to wait for service. However, I left my number and my call was returned in the following hour.

The gentleman who called knew how to help me. Yea! I have an older computer and could not get my files to export from Version 6 to Version 7 without his help.

I first discovered Millennea Legacy Family Tree on the Top 10 Genealogy Software program reviews for 2008 on the Internet at the beginning of this year. I reviewed all 10 of the programs and chose Legacy Family Tree 6.0 because it seemed simple enough and yet had all the components I needed, plus more, including the pictures and documents I have scanned, that would document all the information I was finding in my research.

I belong to the fanciest online genealogy web site, and appreciate all of their bells and whistles. However, that web site does not pull everything together well enough to suit me. It is difficult to navigate from one part back to another. I am glad that I did not go with their accompanying seemingly-glitzy software program.

I like a software/Internet web site when it makes sense and is easy to navigate from one part to another. With Millennia's Legacy Family Tree Deluxe 7.0, last night I got rid of all my many duplicate records from importing two large GED files from two other sources, and printed an awesome-looking 6-generation color pedigree chart for myself as my first project.

Therefore, for the above reasons, I highly recommend purchasing Millennia's Legacy Family Tree Deluxe 7.0 version + Charting. Now, If I could only remember how to spell Millennia without having to stop and think about it every time. It will help me (a visual learner) if the company puts Millenea in bigger, bolder print everytime it is used online in their advertising.

Have fun and good luck! Linda

I so LOVE is SUPER easy to use which is why I recommended it to all my "cousins" that work on various branches of my family tree: 2 first cousins, one second cousin, 2 third cousins, and a few fourth cousins! Legacy made it very easy for me to export my gedcom file so that I could upload it to my new tribalpages site where my family can go and view our history without me having to email everything all the time. I have always downloaded the standard edition of legacy and find it suits my needs, however, after i saw what happened with the sources when i uploaded i feel it's time for me to go for the deluxe edition (which i will be purchasing very soon).

This new charting aspect of the program is FANTASTIC...i have always had to handwrite my fan charts and now i can print out a 9 generation fan chart and put it on poster board so i have a visual reference of what i still need to's great!

Thanks for coming up with this new version...I can't wait to see what the deluxe model does!

I have been using Legacy for years and wouldn't trade it for anything. I have it on both my laptop that take when researching away from home and on my desktop. After using Legacy 7 for a couple of weeks I wonder how I ever survived without it.

One question, in the demo video a comment was made that all old or existing sources would be converted to the new sourcing format. I have yet to be able to figure out how to make this happen. All new entries are done with the new sourcing wizard but the existing ones have not changed. How do I convert the existing sources to the new format?

Thanks again for a wonderful tool!

Frank - the source conversion tool will be coming in a future update to Legacy 7.

I use Clooz and have it linked to my Legacy Database, Clooz doesn't work with 7.0, do you know of any work around? I have lost my Clooz work since I didn't archive it,(like a dummy.) I still will use 7.0 because I love it, but would like to retreive my Clooz work any suggestions? I contacted them and they say it will be a while before they make it compatible with 7.0. I tried system restore but clooz still thinks I have 7.0, which I haven't reinstalled yet.

Thanks for the new version and all you hard work.


When I first started doing my family history some years ago, I used your free version of Legacy and was quite pleased with it. But then some of the members of the family history society I am a member of keep saying how much better the family tree maker program was so I brought that version on CD it worked ok for a start until my computer went down, I then reinstalled the CD but the program would not let me reinstall the family history I had backed up saying it was for a later version than the CD I had got, Which meant I had to write it all out again.
So I brought your Legacy Deluxe version 6, which I have now updated version 7 and am very well pleased with it, I can even run my FTM backup on it. Nice to be home again keep up the good work up.

Just a note to say thanks for all the hard work that is obviously put in to producing a complex and very satisfying program. At the end of the day an individual has to do the research on family history - no computer program will ever be able to do that, and even if it did how boring would that be? Legacy is superb at collating information and displaying in an easy to understand and use way. What I particularly like about Millenia is that they actually listen to customers and try to accommodate everyone's wishes. Updates and amendments go smoothly and any glitches are remedied immediately. The new Charting facility is great - yes we would all like to add our own touches, but to be able to produce a customisable tree in several minutes has to be a market leader. Treedraw for Legacy was good but cumbersome to operate and very time consuming. There were some comments about the cost before the release of V.7 - well, I can only say what terrific value. I upgraded from V.6 for a mere £11.54 (GB)- at the moment in the UK that is considerably less than a quarter tank full of petrol ! Where else can you get such a great program for that very low cost.From me it's a very big thank you to all the team.

I love the new version of Legacy. I waited until it came out to merge in a Gedcom file with 3000 new names that I got from a cousin. It was easy to combine duplicates, but now I'm working on his locations. They don't follow the standards, so it is a lot of work made much easier with Geo-coding and the Geo Location List.

To get as much as I could from the new release, I watched the new features video several times. When showing the wonderful new mapping feature, he seemed to be displaying locations down to the individual house level. My question is, "What format do we use to enter locations for this level of detail"? Two possibilities I see:

Street Address, City, County, State, Country or
City, County, State, Country, Street Address

Several of my new locations have a cemetery name in them, and using the Geo Location List, I can specify the location with the cemetery name first and it recognizes it in the Core+ option. I can then Geo-code it and usually find the cemetery on the map.

This is a great new feature. I just want everyone to use it consistently, so that is why I'm asking early.

Also, how can we enter corrections or missing data on the Geo Location Database?

Thanks again for a great product.

Just wanted to drop a line and say that I have never had anything but great responses from your staff. I have used several other software packages and as far as I am concerned none of them have ever compared to Legacy. Keep up the great work. I have been a faithful customer and will continue to be.

My wife worked for you when you were in Duvall, WA and was used to test the various builds. I guess you decided if she could use it, anyone could. She loves it and we are dedicated users. We have used Legacy since the very first version and are looking forward to getting 7.0 Deluxe.
I have migrated all of our files from PAF and had no problems. Will Legacy Family Tree be taking the place of PAF when they finally phase it out?
Again, thank you for all your great work.
Bob & Pat Blettenberg

I just have to say "Good Job!" I have had the Legacy software since v5 & waiting for my v7. I LOVE EACH & EVERY VERSION so far. I can't say that I haven't had some headaches once in awhile (all of them my own fault). I did a lot of mental wish sending to your programmers like "it needs this such & such in the next version". Must have worked because I almost have everything I have been wishing for! :). Again GOOD JOB everybody keep up the good work. After reading the article about how busy your team is I promise to keep my thought wishes down to a whisper so they can get a little sleep. :D

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