Legacy Family Tree 7.0 Now Available
Legacy 7's Release - An Update

Thank you from Millennia

To All of you Awesome Legacy Users,

We would like to give thanks for everyone's support and patience as we worked to get Legacy released. We did have a plan which we felt was a great plan. However, even with all the extra people that we hired to help we have been totally overwhelmed. We have had very successful releases in the past and so we thought we knew what was coming. Boy did we underestimate things by a long, long ways. In the first 48 hours we have had 10 times more orders than with any other release. We have had a couple sales days that blow away anything we could have ever dreamed of. We have so many orders that we can't even process them. Things are fairly automated and can usually be done very quickly but we have so many orders coming in that they are stacking up everywhere. We have never seen anything like this before in our company's 25+ years of being in business. We have several people working the phones and several doing email all day long (literally 24 hours a day). All we can say is THANK YOU!!! Thanks to all of you for your purchases you have made! We really hope each of you enjoy the new features we have worked so hard to add to Legacy. You deserve the best and we hope we can continue to earn your support for many years to come.

Last night and this morning I was working on scrounging up computers from everywhere I could find and working on getting them added to our network and ordering system so we could add additional people to help out right now with all the extra orders. We hate to ask but if you don't have your order yet if you could be patient for a couple more days before calling. That might help us get things done a little quicker because we can have people working on getting the orders out instead of individually answering phone calls and emails.

Thanks for helping us experience such an overwhelmingly successful release of Legacy 7.0. All of you are so awesome with all you are doing to help each other out. Keep up the good work and we'll work hard to get your orders out to you quickly.

Wow! I had better get back to work :)

Thank you!

Ken McGinnis


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As some of my younger family members say... "You Guys ROCK!"

Thanks for putting up with all of us impatient users... it was well worth the wait... and I wish you -ALL- a wonderful break once things settle down. May Legacy 8's release be just as successful.

Allen Prunty
Louisville, KY

10 times!? That WOULD be a shock ... And is all this going on in a warehouse specially rented for the occasion or some-one's living-room?

My heartfelt congratulations to all the Millenia team, both on your successful sales and for a beautiful product. Legacy 7 is absolutely awesome!

Thanks, y'all!

Penny Hayes
Seagraves, Texas

I've used Family Tree Maker for years but with the FTM 2008 problems, I decided they were going the wrong direction with both features and quality level. So, I'm trying you guys out. So far, so good. I suspect you have a lot of FTM converts. I never have problems with delays in releases. It is better for the customer and the company in the long run to have a high quality product release.

Thanks to all the Millenia team for a great product in Legacy 7. Just to name one new item, the SourceWriter system is a fantastic tool and will be getting a good workout on my files.

Richard McGregor
Ottawa, Canada

I'm like a kid with a new toy. It's obvious you've been listening to all the suggestions between versions because the improvements have been in some of the most troublesome areas. The Source Writer was a stroke of genius! You certainly deserve the accolades.

It's been a long wait, but well worth it. I'm a user since ver 2. Ordered the ver 7 update package after official release,and have been using it ever since. The package and my download were received on the same day, one day after the order was placed. Best delivery that I have ever had. Even got to install the geo locations.

Thanks team.

Thank you SO MUCH for all your hard work. I got my Legacy 7 download within hours of ordering it. Not even a whole business day! Thank you from the bottom of my heart...and, I'm sure, from the bottom of my ancestors' hearts as well.

Great upgrade!! Password and download instructions delivered less than 24 hours after purchase. I had used FTM since it was a DOS program, switching over to Legacy Family Tree about 2 years ago. Legacy beats FTM hands down for performance, ease of use and customer service and the LUG is the best around.

Kudos, Team Millennia

I met you 20+ years ago at a demonstration in Pasadena, CA. We had been working with the PAF, DOS program and the Windows version of Legacy #1 was truely a breath of fresh air. We have been with Legacy ever since and continue to appreciate all the hard work you do to make getting our family together easier. We had no trouble purchasing and installing this latest version. My wife volunteers at a local genealogy library and always recommends your program, so we're not surprised you're receiving so many orders. You produce a wonderful product. Keep it up and thank you again very much.

Hi all, I had no hesitation in downloading and upgrading to the deluxe version when the new release was announced as I know the quality of your product, the new features look great.
Keep up the good work and thanks to all the team.

Trevor Hardisty
Taumarunui, New Zealand

Thank you for such a fine program with all of its many amazing tools to help us very efficiently gather and prepare our family records. It's great to discover and use them. Thanks again for your excellent work.

I've been a user of Legacy since version 3 and I never looked back ever since. Besides having a great product, your excellent customer service is something to be proud of. Thanks for another great release!

Doing my part at not overloading you - been holding off at upgrading.... (of course, the fact that I have a new baby here keeping me busy is helping me not jump right in...)

I am glad I decided to wait a wee bit before ordering my deluxe version 7. I thought the requests just might be a little overwhelming since I am sure most of us have been delighted with the little teasers you have released along the way. I never had any fears that the product would not be of the same high quality as all your other versions, but it is still interesting to read the positive comments posted so far. I too have recommended you to other people and will continue to do so. Looking forward to using the new version.

Thank you so much. I have been working with this hobby for more than 20 years. And Have been checking out, and waiting for the right program, to come by me. I have been trying out a few, they all seem very heavy and worksome. And tried this one to sceptically. But not anymore. Will soon update to the deluxe version. Just waiting for my new computer.

Thank you,Thank you,Thank you. The Source Writer is great. Had no prroblem with download. Every thing worked out great. I've been a Legacy fan for 10 years and love it.

Vernon, Arizona

I have been using Legacy Deluxe since version 3 and have updated to all versions when released, I downloaded my deluxe copy of version 7 last Wednesday and received download instructions and password over night, thanks for the great service and for a great product very happy with version 7 it has some nice features keep up the good work.
Noel Keyes
Kaitaia, New Zealand.

I am thrilled with the additions to Legacy 7.0.
I have told all my friends to make the switch with is probably why you are so busy. LOL. I have recommend they try the Standard FREE version and if they like it order the 7.0 Version. I am still not the best at recording sources but Legacy is sure making it less of a pain!

I upgraded with no problems at all, for which I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Good luck to you as you work to meet the demands of a very successful campaign. You have a very good product, and I'm glad people know it.

I, too, have been (im)patiently waiting for the release of v7. I finally got to order it yesterday from a sharp female agent in the Sales office, I think.

I tried logging onto the online site and ran into what I think is a "loop" in your template. I clicked on the $31.95 version of Legacy and was routed to the nuts and bolts of the ordering system. After furnishing all my data, including my Customer # for v6 to qualify for the upgrade price I clicked on Submit order. I got a message telling me the e-mail address I furnished belonged to an existing account(yeah, mine)and to enter a different e-mail address or to "click here." Since I couldn't furnish a different address I clicked on "click here" and was sent back to the start of the process I had just completed. I then went to your telephone number, 1-800-753-3453, but the recording person was talking so fast I could not understand what she was saying so I hung up. I then sent an e-mail to your Sales office explaining my dilemna. How about that, I got a telephone call shortly afterward and, talking to a real, live person, I was able to explain to her my severe hearing problem and she graciously slowed down and I was able to place my order.

I knew you had a "swamped" problem but this kind of service is outstanding even in a quiet time. Sure beats FTM up one side and down the other. As an afterthought, your overwhelming response is probably due to a large bunch of folks switching from FTM due to their 2008 fiasco.

I am looking forward to receiving my copy of v7 Deluxe even tho' you did not beef up your Book Writing feature. FTM v16 has you there but your Source Writer feature sure sounds good.


Great product, easy to download both version 7 plus the manual in pdf form. All done and installed successfuly within 24 hours of requesting the upgrade from version 6. Great work to all at Legacy who put it all together. Regards, Glen (Melbourne, Australia).

Thank you for the great product! I was using Generations Grand Suite for quite a lot of years. My friend and co-worker mentioned Legacy and that she and her Mom both use it. I downloaded the free version, then decided to upgrade to the deluxe edition. I've been very happy with the program and am still finding new things that you can do with it! I'm also still exploring the new features in the version 7. I like the flexibility of the program and the options that you can use (adding photos etc).
Thanks Legacy!

Good to see a software company that does not treat its customers as only sources of funds. I appreciated the oportunity to trial the demo version and then in particular the very fair cost of purchsing the full version. Also appreciated the almost automatic upgrade to version 7 at no additional cost and the emails advising me of the upgrade path. Well done.

Through a slight mix-up (on my part), I downloaded the version 7 program and then went for the upgrade to deluxe...except the first download was the deluxe version. So now I have 2 copies....but then Legacy is worth the price.
Straightened out my issue with Shelly in Tech support...and now off an running again. As other have stated..been here since version 3 and not even considering another package and have also converted quite a few others that Have seen the program.

I appriciate this program
it is a thousand percent better than any other program i have ever used.
i have been using Legacy for a couple years now
I down loaded legacy 6 shortly after it was released
at 1st I was hesitate with purchasing but finally realized it is better than any leading family tree program

I have used FTM (family tree maker) for years but the 2008 release was not so great. Many people I have talked to about about FTM suggest converting to your program. I'm nervous about your programs ability to read and put all my data in your program data base correctly. I have a very extensive data base of people, pictures and voice. I am currently using FTM 2006. I guess I am asking if I must convert my data to a GED file or can Legacy read the family tree maker FTW file. Any comments would be appreciated.
Thanks Wayne

Wayne - yes, create a GEDCOM from Family Tree Maker and Legacy will import it. The Legacy programmers have worked very hard to ensure that the FTM GEDCOM import works well. You could always just try downloading the free, standard edition of Legacy and importing your GEDCOM into it and see how it goes.

Thanks to all at Legacy7. I received update info in less than 24 hours and the CD and manual arrived in my letter box from the USA in less than a week. Love the new version too.

Keep up the good work

Congrats on a successful release! I received my manual & disc very quickly.

This goes to show that (1) Legacy is THAT good and (2) Family Tree Maker 2008 is THAT bad!

Continued success,


Congratulations! I'd like to think I helped in a small way by recommending Legacy Family Tree to members of our local genealogical society. It's a great program. I find the tutorials very well done and easy to follow.
Looking forward to the new features in Version 7,

As an FTM convert, I though Legacy was great. Now comes Legacy 7, which is absolutely FANTASTIC!! I appreciate Source Writer and other upgrades added to this program.
In addition, I have been watching the training CD's. I must admit, I thought I knew my way around Legacy. The CD's showed me just how little I knew about this powerful program.
Thank you for Legacy 7 -- in my opinion, the best genealogy program on the market. Well done!!!

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