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Legacy's Wall Chart Printing Service Is Now Available

We're excited to announce that our new Wall Chart Printing service is now ready to go! With just a few clicks in the new Legacy Charting software, your custom designed chart can be ordered for delivery to your front door.

Chartorder_4Legacy Charting, which is included with the new Legacy Family Tree 7.0, includes 18 different styles of wall charts, including ancestor, descendant, DNA, fan, hour glass, and bow tie charts. Each chart can be fully customized and can include full color pictures, custom text boxes, and even your own digital pictures for the background. Charts can be printed on regular white paper, or you can choose beautiful photo glossy paper, or even have it printed on matte canvas.

To order your chart, in Legacy Charting, click on the Publish tab, then click on the Order Chart button. Here you can select your paper type and quantity. With an Internet connection, Legacy Charting will display the total price of the chart based on the size and selected options. No more wondering what the cost of the chart will be when you are ready to purchase it. If the displayed cost is a little out of range, just change the size of the boxes on the Appearance tab and the chart cost will automatically be adjusted.

ChartoptionsDownload the free update

To purchase a chart from within Legacy Charting, you will need to download/install the latest update, recently released. Follow these steps to get the update:

  1. Open Legacy Charting, and click on the Tips & Updates tab.
  2. In the Updates section, click on the link to install the update and follow the prompts.

The next time you run Legacy Charting, you will be able to purchase your chart.

Sample Charts

See for examples of charts that can be created with Legacy Charting. If you do not yet have Legacy 7.0, visit for more information. The standard edition of Legacy Charting (limited to 4 generations at a time) is available for free download at


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Hi! Nice to see this service is available and working well. Do you have any estimated delivery time to Europe? This service really makes wall charts easy to get. Can Millennium also grant strict confidence when handling genealogical data? According EU directives, genealogical data shall be handled more secure than USA regulations says. Thanks -Asko-

I'm getting ready to send out a chart for printing. It's 12" deep and I notice your smallest size paper is 24". When I get everything looking fine, and then click Order Chart, the background image (which is already set to "Stretch to Frame") is stretched to the full 24". Obviously, this won't work. So I added an extra 12 white vertical inches to keep it from stretching any further. When I tried to add an inch to each side (for framing) the picture went out of proportion horizontally adding much more than an inch to either side. Is the printing completely automated or is there some-one watching for things that are obviously off-kilter? Is there any border automatically added to the chart for framing?

I have a chart that is hour glass, about 80 pages. what is the best format. I want to include all six generations.

Wow! I am really impressed with the service provided by Legacy and Generation Maps. I placed my order for a descendant chart on July 14th. The order was for a 24 x 36 inch "presentation" quality chart and it was delivered in perfect condition at my door on July 17th. The photos are crisp and the printing and layout looks very professional. Truly amazing. Thanks for your great work!

I did a chart for my wife's lines. Came out wonderful. We were surprised how quick they were in sending it to us. We thought it would take a few weeks. It was two days.
The only suggestion I would make is to have a list of what to do first then second and so forth till you have a chart that it's size is small enough to go on a wall. My lines are long. I hate the fan charts. they are hard to follow. When I used the overlap chart and made 4 charts each one starting with my grandparents, and put in their name birth and marriage with LDS symbol the smallest one is 116 feet long.

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