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1916 Census of Western Canada Now Available

Thanks to John Reid, author of the Anglo-Celtic Connections blog, for alerting us to the new availability of the 1916 census of the prairie provinces (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta) of Canada. The census is currently only available on microfilm at Library and Archives Canada on microfilm reels T-21925 to T-21956. Digitization and indexing are being undertaken as part of an agreement with The Generations Network.

In his article, John gives researchers an insight into what is included in the census:

  • family and first name
  • military service
  • locality information
  • relation to head of household
  • gender
  • marital status
  • age
  • place of birth
  • religion
  • year of immigration
  • year of naturalization
  • nationality
  • race or national origin
  • whether can speak English
  • whether can speak French
  • mother tongue
  • whether can read/write
  • occupation
  • employment

I'm particularly interested in this new census because my wife's family and ancestors are from Canada. I've been trying to identify when her family came from England to Canada. First, I ordered a copy of the 1940 National Registration for Jane Hague with the hopes that in the Immigration Year box I would learn when she came. Unfortunately, instead of a year, the phrase "N.G." was listed. If anyone knows what this stands for, I'd love to hear from you!

It's always so exciting when a major new resource like this becomes available. Congratulations western Canada!


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Regarding your query about the entry in the 1940 National Registration, "N.G." likely means "not given".

Does anyone know when the census for British Columbia (1916) will be available?

where do you find the 1916 Canadian Census? I could use them all three plus Bristish Columbia.

Do you know the date the 1916 census was taken? Also, did the census include military personal who were stationed at various training depots in Alberta?

Here is what should be in the 1916 census
Starting 1916
provides name, date and place of the birth, tells which child this is, how many children the mother has had and how many are still living, gives the names of the parents, including the mother's maiden name, the parent's ages when the child was born, their racial origin, occupation and the date and place of parent's marriage.

How and where do we go to get that info? My grandma was born in Alberta and I would love to get a hold of that so I can find out info on my great-grandma. Please let me know.

I am still looking for the link to the 1916 census but here is a link to the British Columbia Provincial archives which has births, deaths, and marriages from 1872.

Based on the article, the census are only on micro-film, as of now. You would have to go Ottawa, Ontario to view them.

Yes, it says in the article above that it is ONLY available through the microfilm. This is very disheartening for the Americans amongst us, believe me.
When will it be in a form for US to see it?

The 1906,1916, 1926, etc. Prairie Censii (as they were called) ONLY apply to the Prairie Provinces( Manitoba (MB), Saskatchewan (SK), & Alberta (AB)). Censii for the rest of Canada were on the 1's (1881, 1891, 1901, etc). The 1901, 1906, 1911, &(1916 as soon as can be transcribed) can be found by Googling "automatedgenealogy".
If you know what their Post Office was, you can get the General area by Googling " Waghorn's Guide"
(lists P.O location). A Map of the area can be found by Googling " Saskatchewan Wheat Pool Maps (1924-1984).
Or get in touch with a friendly RAOGK volunteer to help you .

The link to the 1916 census online indexing project is on the Family Search pilot site:


Does anyone have access to 1916 Census for Alberta. Looking for info on my Great-Grandma, Elizabeth Hunter and her son Norman Hunter. Norman was born 1915 in Tessier Sask and shortly after his birth Elizabeth took Norman and left husband William and 9 other kids and headed for Alberta. Wondering if she shows up with Norman in 1916.

Do not seem to be having any luck with my mothers maiden name of Gihon or De Gihon, there is no record of this name in Killarney where she was born(I have birth certificate) her parents came over from England with three other children, Fathers name was Arthur Gihon, he died, don't know where, then his widow remarried a Lionel montgomery Bizney Charlton, he died last day of 1919 war, have been to archive records but no joy. Can anyone help

Use a genealogy site...our forum has a Canada board where they'll be happy to help if they can!

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