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Legacy 7 - New options for viewing LDS information

You asked for it. We added it. Legacy Family Tree 7.0 includes new options for viewing LDS information in the Family, Pedigree, Descendant, and Index Views. The most popular request was to add the BEPSC symbols next to the children in the Family View. Take a look:

(Click on image for larger view)

To turn on the display of the LDS information, open Legacy's options by going to Options > Customize > General tab. The new options are available in the LDS section:



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Please put the BEPSC at the end of the Husband and Wife name so it is consistent with the way it is shown for children and grandparents. Also, it will not take away another data element that could be displayed such as AFN or Death Cause, etc.

Good idea. I have now added this. It will be in the next update.

please can you explain the acronys like AFN and BEPSC which are associated with the new feature on LDS info?

The B, E, P, S and C. These stand for Baptism, Endowment, seal to Parents, seal to Spouse and seal Children.
The AFN stands for Ancestral File Number

I think this new feature of BEPSC is great!!! I can now know who needs work by just looking at their profile.
Thanks, Marea

What is the difference in the Acronys where at the end of BEP There is a small sc or Capital SC What do they stand for?

Marea - a lower-case s means that the person has been sealed to one of their spouses, but not all of them. The capital S means that they have been sealed to all of their spouses. Same for the children - lower-case c means that they've only been sealed to some of their children.

Pardon my ignorance but how does this benefit a non member of the Church

I am happy to be able to view the LDS symbols in the various data screens, but I was hoping to be able to print out a descendants list with the symbols showing. This would be easier for me to work with than a visual screen. Is there any way for the program to print the symbols on the descendants list?

The way it helps members as well as non-members the same way.

It allows you to know if information about these people may be on the churches resources that may not be anywhere else. So if you find them listed as BEP or C, then research IGI or other church records to find valid information about them. Those records can be VERY extensive and helpful.

Mary Urban - yes you can display the LDS symbols on the Descendant View. The instructions are in this article: http://legacynews.typepad.com/legacy_news/2008/04/legacy-tip-work.html

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