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Legacy Tip: How to Change the Toolbar Button Size

Legacy Family Tree 7.0 just got a little more exciting for me! I just learned about a new option that I had never known before. I'd like to think this new option was recently added, but it's probably been there for years.

ToolbarIn a previous article, we explained how to customize the main toolbar. Located near the top of the Legacy screen, the main toolbar contains buttons for commonly-used features. If you right-click on any of the buttons you are then able to choose from over 40 additional buttons.

Today I clicked on the Options button at the bottom of this Customize Main Toolbar screen (see image below), where I could then choose the size of the buttons: small, medium, or large. After choosing the small option, I closed the screen, and now in my main Legacy screen, I still had all of the buttons at the top, but now they didn't take up quite as much room.


Good work Legacy programmers....

Is this a new feature to anyone else, or just me?


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This feature _is_ available in Legacy 6.0 as well. Also, the entire toolbar can be dragged to the bottom of the screen - in this position, it's less distance to move the cursor, thereby minimising hand/wrist movement, reducing carpal tunnel involvement, and easing overall stress on the wrist and arm.

Thank you for the information. I have wondered if this was possible but prior to this, have not been able to accomplish it

Thank you for the comment. I tried it and it really worked very nicely.

To get this facility to open on my machine I had to Right click on the Tool Bar I am not certain if this was what was meant of if there is some thing odd with my setup.

Please explain BEPSC symbols. I am fairly new to Legacy and genealogy and I do not understand the term "sealing" to parents, marriage, etc.

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