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New E-Book - The Legacy Family: Legacy v7 and Companion Software, by Mark Lang

Legacyfamily Hot on the tails of the release of Legacy 7 is the much anticipated publication of The Legacy Family by Legacy user/tester, Mark Lang. The Legacy Family delves into how to start your family tree using Legacy for the absolute beginner then quickly moves into how to customize the program to your own research needs. Then for those who are still weighing their options on whether Legacy 7 Deluxe is the right choice for them, Mark shows you all the ins and outs of all the new features - from the new Help system to Best Fit columns, from Standardization Tips and Privacy Settings to LDS Codes; all 23 features including the big guns – Charting, Mapping and the all new SourceWriter functions.

There are three key chapters on how to search your data in your family file, how to effectively use sentence structures in Legacy, and everything you need to know about backing up your files for safety. In addition, Mark writes about creating web sites, including what not to do when creating such sites. He explains in detail how to actually publish your pages on the Internet. There is also pertinent information on how to share information with others, and what is actually needed when you want to move your Legacy data around from one computer to another.

In the second part of The Legacy Family, Mark informs us all on all the different add-ons that are available to Legacy and how you can use this software to extend your family project. Each of these add-ons has its own chapter, highlighting each of their functions in detail. Each add-on shows by example how to incorporate their results into your family project.

If you have ever wondered what a particular program does, or could do for you, then The Legacy Family is the book you need to answer all your questions and more. 495 pages, 24 chapters, 7 appendices plus an index, available now as a PDF download.

For more information click here.

To purchase for $24.95, click here.

To download Legacy Family Tree 7.0 Standard Edition for free, click here.


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Sounds very interesting. I shall be watching this space in anticipation to see what others think of this great sounding book.


A wonderful mine of information on a wonderful program.A must-read for every serious user of Legacy.

I wonder if this is or could be available on a CD for those of us still on dialup using shaky country phone lines?
Thanks for a great product in Legacy 7.

While the book may be fantastic, $24.95 is a bit pricey for a pdf file.
The official manual, which is a printed book,was about that price.
I just can't see paying that much for a pdf file.

References for beginners are essential. But does anyone have anything to help folks moving from another program to Legacy?
I like Legacy, I've played with it for almost two years but I cannot make the jump from PAF to Legacy.

Will this book be published in "analog" format ?

I agree with a previous Comment--$24.95 is steep for a pdf file. I'd be happy to pay $25 for a soft-cover, well-bound book, however.

With buying the PDF for $24.95 (+S/H and tax?), then printing (ink and paper x 495 pages at about 2 cents per page), it seems that this book will cost about $35.

I find the Legacy 7 manual quite thorough and mostly very clear reading for less cost, but I have not read this book. Also, Legacy Help information is usually excellent.

No matter what book we have, I find that the best resource to making Legacy 7 a powerful tool is to simply use it thoroughly.

A good motivation and help in that effort to use Legacy effectively is to create a local Legacy User Group to meet at least monthly for a couple of hours with a few computers loaded with L7 set up for instruction. Legacy will even provide a free instructor code for opening the Deluxe functions on the group computers for user groups (we use our local library computer lab, but had to get permission to initially load L7 with deluxe on their computers).
We have enough participations to need two sessions per month (one afternoon and one evening on the same third Thursdays). Collectively we make the Legacy 7 functions come to life with input and discussions guided by three volunteer "instructors" (actually organizers). I jokingly call our sessions "pooling ignorance". Two months of the year the session is devoted to beginners where we review the most basic functions of input, customizing, and selected few other functions for "newbies" (but it always finds favor with others who appreciate the review and are able to help where needed).

However, I have not seen this new book and am not intending to discredit or debunk it or our Legacy 7 manual. My intention is to highly recommend creating a local Legacy User Group to add real quality to fully using the program. Maybe someone in the group will download and print out this new PDF book to share with the group (they typically have the manual and our group requires having the deluxe version 7 to join the group that has no fees). My point is that starting a local User Group of even a very few (it will grow) may be the very best resource available and can be free.

I agree that the e-book is pricey especially after having upgraded to v7 from v6 and buying the printed manual and training videos. I would pay that for an actual book and that is the way I prefer to "read" one.

Mark Lang's book has a lot more to offer than the Legacy's printed manual, which I got for free when updating, for free, from verison 6 to version 7. Lang explains and illustrates how to do things. The manual constantly is referring you to the on line help screens. I think I'd be very unhappy if, as some of you have, I had paid for the Legacy manual.

Beleave it or not, there are still some folks with Dial-Up, I live way out in the sticks in western NC.
If broadband was available here, I would jump at it. How long would it take for me to download 495 pages?

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