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Pocket Genealogist - free update (3.30) now available

Pocket Genealogist is the award winning leader in genealogy software for Windows Mobile based devices, and synchronizes with your Legacy 7 family file. Its latest update adds support for multimedia transfers to the device.

As will all Version 3 releases, this ia a free update for all those who have already purchased Version 3.

If you already have Pocket Genealogist, click here to download the latest update.

For more information on Pocket Genealogist, click here.


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I have been looking at getting a pocket PC but have not found a list in genealogy circles on which Pocket PC is best for genealogists. Is there such a list about as I'm sure some pocket PCs configuration works better than others and perhaps more user friendly for those of us not too PC literate.
Any comments would be appreciated.

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