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Thinking about becoming a professional genealogist? 2008 ICAPGen Conference

If you have considered becoming a professional genealogist, or even if you want to enhance your research skills, you have a great opportunity to learn from experts at the 2008 ICAPGen conference held November 7-8, 2008 in Provo, Utah.

The International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists is an organization which sets standards for the genealogical community through comprehensive written and oral examinations. This year's conference features instructors from the BYU faculty, professional researchers, and other experts in genealogical and family history research. Each class has been chosen to provide advanced training for the genealogical researcher. You will be able to learn important techniques for research and writing. Those who would like to take the Accredited Genealogist examination can get answers to their questions and concerns. Professional researchers can learn ways to improve their business. Following is a list of the classes offered.

  • Practical tips to prepare for the process; Apyrl Cox, AG
  • Technology for genealogists - new and unknown; Ann Roach
  • African-American Southern States research; Karen Clifford, AG
  • The newest & most complete cemetery website; David Day
  • Professional development brings financial rewards; Luana Darby, AG
  • French Internet research; Heidi Sugden, AG
  • Irish research; Evva Benson, AG
  • The new Record Search; Joy Price, AG
  • Preparing the AG application; Karen Clifford, AG
  • Italian Internet research; Ruth Merriman, AG
  • The 7 sacraments of the Catholic church: rites, records & research; George Ryskamp, JD, AG
  • What's new at Ancestry?; Suzanne Russo Adams, AG
  • Contracting with Clients; Ann Roach
  • The Palatine immigrants - German immigrants to the colonies in the 1700s; Luana Darby, AG
  • Reading English & early American handwriting; Amy Harris, Phd, AG
  • Legacy 7 for professionals; Geoff Rasmussen
  • Improving your business through advertising; Kory Meyerink, MLS, AG
  • Scottish Internet research; Barbara Baker, AG
  • Understanding Latin in European church records; Ruth Merriman, AG
  • Have it your way: creating your own genealogy web site in 60 minutes or less; Darrin Lythgoes
  • Improve your business, cont.; Kory Meyerink, MLS, AG
  • German research on the Internet; Baerbel Johnson, AG
  • A comparative look at English research for U.S. genealogists; Nathan Murphy, MA, AG
  •; Beau Sharbough
  • Banquet: She Says CG; He Says AG . . . What Do You Say?: An Intimate Look at Credential Options; George Ryskamp, JD, AG
  • Keynote: Professionalism in the genealogy work, Jake Gehring, APG president
  • DNA; Trish Tolley, AG
  • Irish Internet research; Evva Benson, AG
  • Jewish research; Todd Knowles, AG
  • FamilySearch Wiki; Darris Williams, AG
  • Client reports; Linda Turner, AG
  • Searching for books & articles on the Internet; George Ryskamp, JD, AG
  • Latin American/Southern European research; Peggy Ryskamp, CG
  • World Vital Records & Family Link; David Lifferth
  • Five year renewal process; Linda Turner, AG
  • English research in a digital age; Nathan Murphy, MA, AG
  • Work skills of the old: Justice of the Peace records; Michael Strauss, AG
  • Family Pursuit; Michael Martineau
  • ICAPGen test samples; Karen Clifford, AG
  • Scandinavian Internet research; Anka Haslam, AG
  • Native American research; Joan Healey, AG
  • New FamilySearch; Paul Smart, AG
  • Closing address: Plant yourself in the genealogical landscape; Anne Leptich, AG

Registration is required. For more information, visit


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There are many of us amatuers who have moved beyond doing this for ourselves and love to help others. However, it can become quite time consuming and expensive. Thus we toy with the idea of doing this for pay at some level but have no idea if we really have what it takes to be called a professional genealogist. Therefore, an article on this organization and what it takes to become a professional genealogist would be very helpful. Perhaps some links to this or other such organizations could be provided as well.


Will this seminar be televised so I can watch it at home? I cannot travel to Utah.

Does anyone know if there a syllabus available for those of us who cannot attend this conference? Are any of the classes going to be recorded?

I too would like to see a syllabus, or have tapes of the conference sessions. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend, but fortunately, I will be in Italy conducting research.

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