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Heritage Collector Suite 5.1 now available as a Legacy Family Tree add-on

Heritagecollector LifeStory Productions, Inc. announces the release of Legacy add-on, Heritage Collector Suite version 5.1.

Heritage Collector Suite provides everything you need in one program to organize, share, tell stories, backup / preserve, find photos in seconds, and more.

New features added to the 5.1 version include:

  • Create and share PDFs. Select from several image and information options.
  • Use the duplicate search tool to find and remove duplicate images to save hard drive space.
  • Batch convert and enhance old negative images to positives.
  • Share images and collections via e-mail.
  • Enlarge or zoom in on an image using the mouse wheel.
  • Drag and drop photos and images into collections.
  • Use the e-mail request system to receive files from others using Heritage Collector.
  • Batch assign information to a group of photos or records.
  • New photo enhancement tools.
  • Add frames and borders to photos.
  • More image conversion options and tools.
  • Crop and export to print option.
  • Batch resize image size and format.
  • Expanded and simplified search options.
  • Enhanced advanced slide show options – music, narration, special effects.
  • More options to create personalized jewel case inserts for CD/DVD cases.
  • Capture image / frame from DVDs and movies.
  • Capture slideshows and create TV/DVDs with included software.
  • Audacity sound editing software included. Capture sound from old cassettes.
  • International date format options.
  • Create additional family or individual databases.
  • Revised 200 page Digital Family History Guidebook in PDF.
  • New “How To” tutorial movies make it easy to learn and use the software.
  • Revised and expanded full color manual with screen captures. No computer jargon.
  • Updated and expanded Help resources.

Heritage Collector is a complete family history management system for all your family history files and resources. Create and share self-running CD/DVDs. The archive system saves hard drive space and helps you find photos on CD/DVDs. Install and run the program from an external hard drive attached to the USB port of another computer. Use GPS coordinates.

How to Purchase
For a limited time, save $20 by clicking here.

For more information, click here.


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Is Heritage Collector the same program that was featured at the Mesa Family History Expo? I didn't know that your companies were connected.

Margo - yes, they are related in that Heritage Collector is one of Legacy's add-ons, meaning, it will import your Legacy multimedia.

One question I have about Heritage Collector is will it run under Windows Vista? Cannot find any information on website as to the operating systems it is compatiable with, although I gather from the information that it will run under XP. However I am using Vista.

Yes, it does work with Vista.

I currently have Hertiage Collector Pro 4.5. Can I upgrade it to version 5.1; and if so at what cost? There doesn't seem to be any information on this on their website.

People really ought to be made aware that whilst Heritage Collector superficially integrates into Legacy, in that it can import Legacy information as a single once off operation, it does not push information back into the Legacy database. Personally I don't really consider this to be integration at all. This misunderstanding lead to considerable disappointment when I acquired a copy of Heritage Collector under the mistaken belief that it would tightly integrate into Legacy.

I was about to purchase the Heritage Collector and then I read the comment from Steven, posted just yesterday, stating that he didn't think the program actually integrated with Legacy as a back & forth type of program.
Is he correct? I am very interested in the program, but hate to find out I've wasted my money on a program that's really no different than Adobe Photoshop, Corel or other programs I already have.

Registered User, Ramona, CA.

Diane - currently, Heritage Collector only imports the pictures from Legacy. There isn't the back & forth linkage. However, I do know the developers of both software programs have been discussing this possibility.

Glen, the upgrade is $29.95 from www.heritagecollector.com.

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