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How to create a 2009 birthday/anniversary calendar using Legacy Family Tree

With the new year approaching, why not resolve to be a better relative by remembering family birthdays and anniversaries? Two features of Legacy Family Tree makes this easy to do:

  • Legacy's birthday and anniversary reminders described here.
  • Legacy's Calendar Creator.

Legacy can create a birthday calendar, an anniversary calendar, or a combination of the two. There are options to include a cover picture, picture pages above each calendar month, and complete control over color, layout, shadows, fonts, page size, and more. The calendars can be blank or include the birthdates and anniversaries of the people already entered in your family file.

That's right! Because the information (birthdays and anniversaries) is already in your Legacy family file, Legacy will automatically add this to the calendar pages. With the who to include options, you can customize the calendar so only certain family lines are included. You even have the option to skip the anniversaries of divorced couples.

Get Started

To begin, make sure that you have installed Legacy Family Tree Deluxe Edition, available here. Then follow these steps:

  1. With Legacy open, click on the Reports icon in the main toolbar.
  2. Click on the Books/Other tab, and click on the Calendar Creator button.
  3. Using the options on the six tabs, customize the calendar to your preferences.
  4. Print, and enjoy being the person in your family that never misses a birthday or anniversary!

Click on the picture below for an example:



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Does anyone have any tips for binding the calendar pages neatly or for making a "flip" calendar without making all seem a bit amateurish ?? Any tips would be very welcome indeed.

I think this is a wonderful idea. I need more assistance in getting the pictures into the calendar. I would like to use family photos for each month--some old and some current pictures. Would you please give a few more directions on how to accomplish this?

I've tried several types over the years and I ended up taking the calendars to Office Depot and having them do their spiral plastic binding. To hang them, either punch central holes, if it's two sheet display calendar, or if it's a one sheet use a thin dowel,and a pretty string attached at both sides of the calendar. I know it has to be moved each month but it 's not a lot of labour.....Anne

I have made Legacy calendars for a couple of years now. I buy a digital photo calendar kit (admittedly not the cheapest option). The kit comes with photo paper - ready punched and with its own plastic binder and clear plastic cover.
I have a created a separate Legacy file for my calendar, and have created a number of new individuals named Christmas, Mothers' Day xxx holiday, etc. Now when I print out the calendar, it has the holidays as well as birthday and anniversary reminders.

Does anyone know how to set up the calendar for an occasional married female who has kept her maiden name? I have the option "Married name for females" set, but there are a few women in the calendar who have retained their maiden name when married. For these persons, I have set their married name in Legacy's marriage record back to their maiden name (using "Edit Marriage", the option "Wife's married name"). However, the calendar still displays their surname on their birthday erroneously as though it were the same as their current husband. What am I doing wrong? Or is the Calendar Creator ignoring the married name settings? (This still happens in version

Is there any way to include the date of death in the calendar?

I would like to use the Calendar creator included with Legacy, however, it does not include holidays. I sent this in as a suggestion last year, but apparently it is not a priority since it wasn’t included in version 7. I make a photo calendar every year and use it daily, so I really want the holidays. Currently I use another program and then have to type in all the birthdays, etc. I notice a poster above, Anne Toft, says she creates a separate Legacy file for her calender and then creates her holidays. Can someone please tell me how to do this. Thanks.

It's disappointing that the comments posted above, asking for assistance, have not been answered. I think the calendar creator function is pretty limited. It doesn't indicate marriages as such. You can't show date of deaths with an indication of such. The Legacy Charts program is much more robust.

Ann, or anyone else wanting holidays on their Calendar.

I had a couple who were good friends, so I added them as "new unlinked individual's", then I added in children called "Christmas, Easter ETC" deleting their surnames , making them blank,as I went.

Pre-punched comb binding paper can be purchased at stores like Office Depot, Office Max, etc. I would use a single hole punch to punch a hole in the center to allow the calender to be hung on a wall. I also use magnetic clips to hang my calendars on the front of my refrigerator.

Is there a way to pick the family members to include in a Lagacy Calander? I don't want to include everyone in my database but just certain people.

I'm working on my second calendar now. Last year's was for my mother's side of the family, this year for my father's. It has been great contacting cousins and such and reconnecting so I can have the information to include their kids and others. They've really appreciated the calendar and it is a great way to share with the whole family the pictures from their background and the family history information I've collected. Kids can see their birthday on the calendar and see pictures of their ancestors. I've gotten family to share pictures I can include. Since we live in different countries and all around the US I post the file to a file sharing site and email them the link to download it and print it themselves. They can print the calendar themselves or take it to an office place to print/bind it with a plastic comb. Ideas above about pre-punched pager are helpful. I include a couple simple descendant reports to go at the back of the calendar so they can see where the people in the pictures fit and where they fit in the family. To answer someone's question I've tagged individuals I want to include in the birthdays and anniversaries (tag one for my mother's side, tag two for my dad's). The tags are in the upper right of the person's box in the family view - just click on it.

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