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1916 Census of Western Canada Now Available Online

If you are a Canadian researcher, today it's your turn to get excited. The 1916 census of Western Canada is now available online for free searching and browsing. Thanks to Legacy News reader Karen Foster for bringing this to our attention.

In August 2008 the census was released on microfilm and has been available for searching on location at Library and Archives Canada. We wrote about this here. Now, thanks to the FamilySearchIndexing efforts, the census, which includes Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, is now searchable in FamilySearch's pilot Record Search database.

To search the census, click here, then select Canada in the Select a Region drop-down list. Happy searching!

*** UPDATE February 4, 2009 ***

It appears that this no longer available at the Record Search database. Keep checking back....


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I followed instructions but could not see 1916 Census.
Am I missing something?

John - turns out that just today they redesigned some of their site. Looks like the 1916 census link isn't there right now. I did use it when our article was written. Keep checking back....

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