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Legacy tip: Searching and the Marriage List

With the birth of my new daughter (6 days old now) I've put my non-living relatives on hold for a little while. But this morning I got an email from a potential relative and I just couldn't wait any longer....

The potential relative asked if I was related to a Jens Rasmussen, born 1811 in Denmark. He was married to a Maren Larsdatter. The names sounded familiar to me, but then most Danish patronymic names sound alike. Using Legacy Family Tree's search capabilities, it was easy to search for a possible connection.

Marriage List

One method is to:

  1. Marriagelist1 Open the Marriage List by clicking on its button in the main toolbar (upper left of Legacy). All marriages are listed here, sorted by the husband's surname.
  2. In the husband field, type the name of the surname, followed by a comma, followed by the husband's given name. For example, Rasmussen, Jens.
  3. In my case, there were 10 Jens Rasmussens listed. Glancing in the wife column, I saw that there were not any Maren Larsdatters.


Another method is to perform a search in your family file. Follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Search button in the main toolbar.
  2. Fill in the fields as shown in the image below and click on Create List. (Click on the image for a larger view.)


The resulting Search List will display all persons who match the search criteria. In my case, there were no Jens Rasmussens married to anyone with the surname of Larsdatter. Darn - would have been a great way to start my week by locating a fellow family researcher. However, my week has already started beautifully - baby Kaitlyn gave us a great sleep last night.


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Congratulations on you new daughter Geoff.

Charlie Schmalz

I too want to congratulate your entire family on the newest member of your family. I have Rasmussens in my family file too - 22 of them! I baby sat a boy who was a Rasmussen who will be 10 this month. Anyway have a great time with the baby, they grow up soo fast!

Congratulation Geoff - a whole night of sleep is far away right now I guess

I just looked at my 5 married Jens Rasmussen, but the closest I got to Maren, was a Kirsten Larsdatter.

The daughter is beautiful, many years of happiness to you. The search you set up under detailed searches will not work for marriages. I tried it on my own marriage, couldn’t find me.

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