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World's newest Legacy user is born

I just couldn't help myself. I had to write this little article.... :)

Late last night, the world's newest Legacy user joined our family. Kaitlyn Elizabeth Rasmussen, my first daughter, was born. She weighed in at 7 lbs 12 oz, 19 inches long. Her three older brothers are proud to have a sister to take care of.

Sure was fun adding her to my Legacy family file this morning.

  1. Click on Add > Daughter > Add a New Person.
  2. Fill in the details and click Save.

There, now this article can be categorized under Legacy tips. :)

Here's Kaitlyn at 3 hours and 14 minutes old:


Welcome to our family Kaitlyn.


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Congratulations! My first daughter was born in July, and I couldn't wait to add her to my genealogy software either. :-)

Congratulations! What a cute little note. Take care of her - she will be a great genealogist.

What a beautiful girl!
She will be spolied by all the men in your family! :)

Congratulations! And thanks for the adorable image to illustrate the tip. :)

Congratulations, Geoff (and Mrs. Geoff)! As a father of both sons and daughters, I'm afraid to tell you that the girls' are a completely different ballgame (and they aren't even 8 years old yet) :) But despite the added complexities, the hugs and kisses that come from your own little princess make it all worthwhile.

I wish you (and especially your wife) a speedy recovery and all the sleep you can get!


Congratulations! Kaitlyn is BEAUTIFUL!!

Beautiful little girl. Hope Mom and baby are doing well.

Congrats' to the Rasmussen family. She is a BEAUTIFUL addition to your family.

It is fun to add the new ones in the family. I just add great nieces and nephews...no grandbabies, yet. It's a great way to remember birthday cards, this way. Click on the birthday reminder!


My daughter is now 24 and is three months away from both age 25 and being married. I've already added the future husband and as much of his family as I can find. Enjoy your daughter in her early years... As Sue said earlier, they are different than boys...


What a beauty. Must look like her mom! Wonder how long it will be before you have her adding her own information. What a wonderful family you have. Hope to meet all at a seminar soon.

Congratulations, you have a beautiful daughter & what a wonderful way to welcome her into the world. Thank you for sharing your news & her picture. Congratulations to Mom, too.

With tears in my eyes, I remember the births of each of my three, and bless you all!

Congratulations, wonderful way to spread the happiness. All the best to mum, dad, bub and brothers.


Wow, she's beautiful! Congrats! My three daughters (aged 9, 5 and 1) are a joy, as I'm sure you'll find out with Kaitlyn. Delighted for you.

Congratulations! She is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing the photo with us. All my best to your wife.

What a beautiful baby. Congratulations to you and your family.

Congratulations Geoff !! You have a real beauty there.

Congratulations! She is beautiful.

Hi Geoff,

You must be sooooo proud. She is beautiful and so peaceful and looks like her brothers.
Looking forward to seeing her grow and of course wearing pink.


Congratulations on this lovely addition to the Rasmussen family tree.

Many congratulations. She is gorgeous

Good job! The Larsen and Rasmussen family continues to grow. Miss seeing you from time to time.

Jeff...please accept my heartiest congratulations and welcome to your beautiful new daughter. I'm sure I speak for all of the many Legacy users here in Sun City Roseville (CA) as well!

Hey Geoff, Congratulations on a beautiful baby. Best wishes to you and your wife and family. Kaitlyn is beautiful.

Congratulations to you and your wife! Daughters are wonderful gifts...of course being the mother of three small girls, I'm a little biased. Oh, I take that back, I hear two of them screaming because one just pooped in the tub...I'd better go rescue my poor husband! LOL!

Congrats and good luck with 4!!!

Congratulations on the littl'un :-)

Wonderful news! I can see Kaitlyn and Kimberly Savage's baby girl becoming great friends at the Expos. Kim's baby is due Feb 26th just in time for the St. George Expo.

How exciting to have see the generations unfold.

Congratulations, I'm so happy for your whole family!

Congratulations Jeff and Tanya, What a beautiful baby daughter. We are happy for your family.

Barb and Russ (RuBarb)

Congratulations to the proud parents! A beautiful name for a beautiful bundle of joy!

Pat Peoples

Congratulations! What a gorgeous little girl and what a lovely name. Being the parents of 3 beautiful sons...followed by a gorgeous little daughter..I know exactly how you're feeling right now. I have to admit we went a little pink crazy...and now, at the age of 13, she realllly hates pink. So be careful of that! lol
Just be ready for her to be the boss of all of her brothers though...it started very early in this house and it still continues! lol
Love from the Dawson Family (Australia)

Congratulations Geoff! I can imagine how eager you were to enter her into your software! She must have 50 pictures attached to her profile by now.

What a great "legacy" to start your new year! Congrats to you a Mom.

She is a beautiful baby girl, she is sure to break someones heart.

Congratulations, Geoff. All parents should have at least one daughter! Tell your wife congratulations, too. Hope to see you sometime this year at one of the conferences.

Hey Geoff
Congratulations with your little girl, she looks beautiful.

Just wanted to add my congratulations to the list of well-wishers. You have been blessed again!!

Hi Geoff,

Congratulations - you've waited a long time for a girl. Your family is sure growing.

Best wishes, Rosanne Ricks

Lovely little lassie to add to your clan! I like you enjoyed three sons before being blest with a wee girl. Things will be different now around your place for sure. God bless and keep you all in His loving care! Simona MacAngus

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