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New records online for California, Illinois, South Dakota, and West Virginia

FamilySearch continues its massive record digitization projects. They have just added over 6 million new indexed records and 1.4 million new images to its Record Search pilot program.

The West Virginia birth, marriage, and death records, and the South Dakota state censuses for 1915 and 1925 are now complete. Many thanks to the thousands of online FamilySearch Indexing volunteers who helped make these wonderful records available. See the chart below for more details. The new records can be searched for free at (Click Search Records, then Record Search pilot).

Record Search visitors might also notice the following changes to the pilot site after the latest update.

  1. Region map flyover now lists the number of collections in a region
  2. Rotate an image clockwise or counterclockwise in the viewer
  3. New full screen view in the image viewer
  4. Search form now displays the collection being searched
  5. Image navigation- moved previous, next &  go to buttons to the bottom of the page
  6. Collection list page is now a single column
  7. Image only collections are identified
  8. Changes to print selected area

New records include:

  • California
- 1920 U.S. census
  • Illinois - Cook County birth certificates and registers
  • South Dakota - 1915 state census
  • South Dakota - 1925 state census
  • West Virginia - birth, marriage, and death records are now indexed and complete
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    Thanks, thanks, thanks for the WV records. So many times when groups are making avaible records, WV is listed last or completely ignored.

    I have not had time access, yet, but will get too tonight.

    Lois Cooper

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