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Family History Made Simple - a video for your kids and grandkids

We all hope that someone else in our family will catch the genealogy bug. Not only would it be nice to have someone to share the research with, but we also need someone who actually wants to listen to our research success stories.

Douglas Hatch, of, recently produced a terrific video entitled "Family History - Made Simple" that I will recommend to all of my younger relatives. In 2 minutes and 19 seconds, the video attempts to reach out to the younger generation and get them interested in doing family history work.

The video is very well done. Watch it yourself, or recommend it to your family by clicking here.



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I think this is a great video. However, can you make one for minority children who cannot relate to Europe for all of their great grandparents?

I watched the video and wish that it did not give the impression that all records can be found online. That is the wrong message to give young people or beginners. It made it sound like they would never have to go to the library. The other parts were good.

What a good idea. I hope it encourages children to find out about their family history. I do agree with the 2 comments above but suppose the author based the video on his and friends experiences. As I had neither the idea nor the ability to make the video, I'm being a nitpicker, but tweaking it to absorb the above comments would improve the video and make it more relevant.

Can this video be purchased?

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